While the case of an attack by an employee's commuting shuttle bus is continuing, why?

Apple has a shuttle bus for employees commuting. There seems to be a sequel to the incident that the Apple shuttle bus is attacked.

Apple shuttle buses rerouted following suspected attacks

Apple offers a free shuttle bus for employees commuting from San Francisco to Cupertino's Apple headquarters. The information that the window glass of that bus was destroyed by someone and the picture of the window glass actually cracked were delivered from anonymous readers to Mashable.

It is pointed out that a solid material such as stone was thrown from the damaged window glass, but the cause is not specified. If you throw a stone etc in the bus you are driving, it can be said that it is an incident that can never be overlooked by Apple as it can cause serious accidents as well as damage to car bodies such as window glasses.

When Mashable sent an email to Apple asking about the fact, Apple acknowledged the fact that the bus was destroyed. According to Apple, damage is frequent in line 280 among several commute routes. Safety of employees is the top priority for Apple and we are taking alarms in consultation with local police officers and taking measures such as changing commuting routes, but due to this, some employees commute to work It is clarifying that the damage has occurred that the time is extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

In Silicon Valley, problems such as the rent price rising due to the migration of large numbers of employees of high-tech companies such as Google and Apple occurred. Among the local residents who suffered from the rise of the rent rise, there are many people who do not care about high salary employees who work in high-tech enterprises, and in recent years there is a fact that troubles are increasing rapidly.

Demonstrations opposed to employee shuttle buses such as Google frequently occurred, to collect usage fees for bus stops - GIGAZINE

In response to the tax system reform by the Trump regime, when returning pooled profits outside the country to the US, Apple will allocate huge foreign interests to US domestic investment as the tax rate has been lowered to 15% I firmed the policy. This means that the tax that Apple pays to the United States will be $ 38 billion (about 4.2 trillion yen).

Apple, 4 trillion yen tax payment at profit returning $ 350 billion in 5 years contribution to the US economy 1 photo international news: AFPBB News

In addition to the reform of the tax system, Apple is reporting that it plans to give limited bonus to its employees as a temporary bonus equivalent to $ 2,500 (about 280,000 yen) per employee.

Apple Gives Employees $ 2,500 Bonuses After New Tax Law - Bloomberg

Tim Cook says, "I am strongly felt that I am responsible for returning to the US and the American citizens who enabled us to succeed," but to Apple that has made such a profit It seems inevitable that emotions of envy are born from some American citizens.

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