Amazon exclusive movie "GRAND PRIX Driver" which totally adhered to the 2017 F1 behind the scenes McLaren · Honda fought

F1 which is the world's best motor sports is a place of battle where the latest technology gathers, and the activities of drivers and teams inside and outside the circuit, as well as vehicle development, are covered with a secret veil. It is a prestigious team lined up with FerrariMcLarenIn 2017, he sent "the most painful season since the creation of the team", but the documentary who kept chasing the backstage for one year "GRAND PRIX DriverWill be exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime video. The official trailer movie of all four documentaries that McLaren 's race activities were allowed at an unprecedented level of access was released.

GRAND PRIX Driver - Official Trailer [HD] | Prime Video - YouTube

A machine that runs on the circuit.

McLaren · Honda MCL 32 under test in Barcelona, ​​Spain for the 2017 season The 2017 season has been changed to orange color shining on the circuit.

"Any mistake can lead to ending" is the world of F1. It is the Hollywood actor Michael Douglas that will serve as a narrator.

Base of McLaren in Walking Surre, England.

A number of machines that have made a brilliant history are on exhibition.

Engineers and ... ...

Team and ... ...

It was permissible to photograph the appearance of McLaren at an unprecedented level such as a recital.

Stelle Bando newly joined as McLaren's regular driver.

Pattern during photo shoot for promotion.

McLaren is the prestigious prestige who won the Constructors' title of the past eight times.

However, since raising seven wins in 2012, he has been away from victory.

For the world champion two Fernando Alonso, the year of endurance will continue for the race at McLaren.

Will young Bando follow the same path ...?

McLaren tradition that the champion raised the champion. The question which stays up is always "When will McLaren raise a resurrection victory?"

What kind of room is "WAR ROOM (room of fight)"?

The video goes back to the pre-opening test.

Tag with Honda is also the third year. Year of year is 2017.

There is no documentary coming so far for the driver.

"First and biggest enemy is team mate"

There is no end to the fight of the McLaren team in search of victory.

Zak Brown bundles the team.

"I can compete, I just do it."

Catalunya circuit whose test before the opening goes on end.

Bando who performs intense training.

Is the test going well? Or ... ....

The GRAND PRIX Driver chases the McLaren fight trajectory all four times.

It is Honda who takes charge of power unit and fights together. The best tags that won both glory together will end up being separated. It seems that attention will be gathered also on how Mr. McLaren and Honda draw relationships.

"GRAND PRIX Driver" continued to look at the one-year battle in F1's most successful team from the ever-closer distance, will be delivered on February 9, 2018 with Amazon Prime video.

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