When comparing one "pit stop" of the race's exhibition space for each category

One of the highlights of motor sports is a "pit stop" in which the machine returns to the pit and replaces tires or refuels. It is a splendid thing to work handy at unprecedented speed by making good use of outstanding team work, but when you compare the races of different categories at once, the state of the work is very different, "Hmm, it is like this Do you understand what is very profound, such as "How do you do, what is it !?"?

Comparing Pitstops Across Motorsports - YouTube

First of allFormula 1 (F1)"Pit stop. The crew is over 14 in all.

There are three crews on one tire, and some crews lift the car body with jacks in the front and back.

When the center lock type nut is removed in a few seconds in a few seconds, the crew who is waiting instantly removes the tire and the remaining one who got the tire wears the tire.

Once locked again in a few seconds a tire change is completed in a blink of an eye.

When quickly pulling out the jack ... ...

The machine jumped out of the pit. The time required for tire change is less than 3 seconds. F1 is a tremendous speed not only on the course but also in the pits.

In the United States boasts a popularity of F1 or more "INDYCAR"

The number of crews is six, less than half of F1. For that reason the crew to replace the tire is one for each tire.

The INDYCAR machine has a jack mounted on the bottom of the car body, and if the driver presses the jack button the machine will be automatically jacked up. The crew gently lifts the tire with one hand and swaps quickly.

If you look closely, the crew who exchanges the left front tire has only one yellow helmet.

In INDYCAR, refueling during racing is ant, so you can see the crew holding a thick refueling hose. The crew on the right front tire after completing the tire change finely adjusts the front wing.

The crew on the left rear tire lifts his right hand and informs of the completion of the work.

Although refueling is also completed, the yellow helmet crew instructs the driver to "wait" when finding a machine to be pitted.

After confirming safety, the yellow helmet crew signaled "nice" and the car went out of the pit. It is a superb team play.

Subsequently, electricity F1 "Formula E"

When the machine pits in, it stops as it is at the back of the pit.

The driver immediately got off the machine ......

I get on the next machine. Formula E is a problem of battery performance, and the first year 2014 - 2015 season is adopting a novel race style of changing every machine by pit once in the middle of the race.

The crew was busy adjusting two seatbelts and wearing a steering wheel.

Team staff to measure time with a stopwatch beside it.

Formula E measures time because of the regulation that it takes at least 50 seconds to exchange machines with pits. Therefore, the driver waits for 50 seconds even if all the work is done.

The machine finally jumped out of the pit after 50 seconds had elapsed.

Successfully interrupted just behind the machine with touch difference. Clapping is taking place from the pit crew.

Dedicated to look like a commercial vehicleStock carIt is contested in "NASCAR". The number of crews working is six.

First we start with tires on course side.

Jacks will exchange tires on two sides on each side of the car body.

When the right side is completed, the crews running to the left side with a brave dash.

Jack up and lift the car body with "Eya!" ......

We exchanged tires with two people. In addition, at the rear of the car body, the crew, who was responsible for the refueling tank, is refueling.

Looking at Pittkok viewpoints like this. The machine came back to the pit.

Dash furiously to the right side tire.

Since NASCAR's wheel has 5 holes, it is necessary to replace the nut 5 times.

Remove five nuts like a godsman ... ...

Exchange tires.

As the nut has already been temporarily attached to the wheel which has been exchanged, I will continue to tighten the nut with a supernatural speed.

At that time the nut is one cork. Pick up in a hurry ... ...


Next tire exchange on the other side. The crew ahead rolls the tires and moves.

I swapped it in no time.

Alongside F1 · INDYCAR, it is counted as the world's three biggest races "Le Mans 24 Hour Race"

How, despite the 24 hour endurance race, the number of pit crews that can work is four.

The first thing to do is to replace the driver.

The driver who quickly got off the machine said "I asked" and a baton touch to the next driver.

One of the crews is refueling on the other side. Besides being a busy crew to adjust within the machine, a crew to wipe the windshield wipe.

It seems that driver's seat belt installation is complete. At the same time replacement work starts from the right rear tire.

When the replacement of the right rear tire is over, the work crew is replaced and the tire change on the left is started.

Then left rear tire.

The crew changed again and finally the right front tire.

The crew who finished exchanging the tire manually signals the driver to complete the work ......

The machine pitted out.

From F1 to finish work at a stroke in quantity operations, to Le Mans who work extremely efficiently with limited people, the styles differ depending on the race, but in the regulation the polished pit crew refined to reduce one second in the regulation Early work is abundant.

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