Freezing soap bubble to make "natural snow glove" Commentary movie

At the end of 2017 the whole of America and CanadaRecordful cold weatherIt is believed that many people warmed up in the building. While such a big cold wave came in, go out and make a natural bubble with a bubbleSnow gloveMake a movie to play "Nature's Snow GlobesYouTube channel to introduce North American tripsSlim PotatoheadIt is open to the public.

Nature's Snow Globes - YouTube

This is the city of Calgary in Canada that celebrated the dawn of the end of 2017.

Snow is piled up on the ground ...

Smoke is falling side by side in cold weather.

Slim Potatohead this man released the movie. In the crotch of America and CanadaCamping trailerI am living. According to Slim Potatohead, when the movie is filmed, the temperature has fallen to about 40 degrees below zero, so it is very cold. The coldness is transmitted from the sound that the wind of the movie blows.

Slim Potatohead says that it will show "show", holding a steamy liquid on your right hand, put a straw on your mouth.

Further breathing ......

Soap bubbles were completed. Slim Potatohead says, "There is nothing wonderful than seeing a frozen bubble ..."

In about 5 to 6 seconds, soap bubbles turned white and cloudy.

I blew my frozen soap bubbles, I felt like a glass. This is how to make "natural" snow gloves.

Natural snow gloves are reflected one after another according to mysterious BMG movies.

As soon as the snow glove is completed, a pattern like snowy crystals spreads and grows on the surface of the bubble liquid.

Next, when making soap bubbles with straws ......

A transparent natural snowglove like a crystal ball is completed ......

The crystal covered the surface. Here BGM gets excited ...

It is quite fragile by the wind.

If you make two snow gloves with time difference, you can better understand how crystals are formed on the surface.

The movie will show various snow gloves along with BGM. Another one in the snow glove I made another snow glove and doubled ... ...

Snow glove in which two pieces are stuck like a snowman

4 snow gloves in length

Snow gloves and others where two large and small are arranged like parent and child appeared.

"Most people will not go out at the end of the year when they get coldest."

"But people like myself who goes out can find interesting things."

"let's try it"

"1 ......, 2 ......"


The hot water quickly changed to ice due to the extremely cold air, and the shower of the ice went down.

Slim Potatohead is saying "Happy New Year! (New Year congratulations!)" Well ... ...

I will conclude with a message saying "Warm Wishes for the new year (New Year with warm hope)" by warm hot water.

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