"GIGAZINE Manga Award" Application Details Details & Getting Started with the GIGAZINE Manga Award

"Law of the future"As I was talking about in past interviews, as I was able to read kanji as soon as a child,DoraemonBecause I went through all the volumes.

I read newspapers from the time of elementary school students, but I was particularly enthusiastic reading the manga part.

Every time I assist you, I break the Nikkori calendar and add one letter of "Positive" to the lower part and count it according to the number of sheets I made. When I get to the end of the month I will assist you with 10 yen each I bought a few hundred yen on that foot was buying a monthly manga magazine.

Later money that I can freely use after that has spent mostly on purchasing manga. It was normal to subscribe to your favorite manga magazine and to know strange comics by browsing and purchasing it.

By doing so, I went to a bookstore so I decided to read other magazines as well. In elementary school I published and posted "anything newspaper" without permission, posting in cartoons like cartoons in the library, Japanese history and world history and so on It seems that books that are drawing about Kawanagi, Haiku and various things have been reading around in general.

In high school, you will force to distribute magazines & distribute them mandatoryly,Asaki YumemiriAfter reading the book, I was reading the reference book.

In the meantime, because of the limitation of the cost of printing on paper, in other words, "there is no money to print", immediately after becoming a college student, "You can do it almost on a website on the Internet! (Provider provides free I'm uploading it to the homepage space "), so I started" Web magazine GIGAZINE (Gigazine) ", and I am going to leave a lot now.

Well, if you think carefully, it is no exaggeration to say that GIGAZINE is departing from manga you read just as a child. Rather, as it continued to touched manga indefinitely for a while, I have not thought of the present until now as far as the idea of ​​"posting manga in GIGAZINE". This is probably the extreme of insensitivity. Moreover, even in past talks, if you say without fear of misunderstandings, "All efforts are not always rewarded, but everyone who has succeeded is doing everything!" So it's really influenced by comics.

The backstage behind the GIGAZINE 10th anniversary memorial lecture was made public, and the report was such a feeling on the day - GIGAZINE

That's why I decided to post comics on GIGAZINE. It is not a platform-like thing but a manga magazine-like image.

Speaking of manga magazines, "friendship, effort, victory" was said to be the three principle weekly Shonen Jump 3 principles, but as GIGAZINE starts manga from such a last release, what kind of policy collects manga and posts We decide two principles of whether to do it.

1: De-poor wealth
"In order for us to create cartoons / animation, not only love, but also money is importantI agree with the idea that. "Creators get out of poverty and make goodsI think that's exactly the case. Similarly, "It is "honest" "honest" to earn money"I think. Since there are as many means as you want everyone to read, this is where you should draw a line.

2: Science assistance
So how do you realize "poor fertility"? It is nonsense that my "fate" is determined by whether or not a good editor can be in charge. Is the ability to communicate with editors essential to creators? Rather, it is the essence of the identity itself that "is not normal" = "special" is the driving force of creation itself, the quality that can not be blended into the general society seeking such a thing and can not do it well. Instead of accidentally being swayed or accidentally relying, you can break through invisible walls by making the most of the Internet and technology. Both the Internet and technology are fundamental science, or "science". Google's academic paper search service "Google ScholarAlso written in "Stand on the shoulder of the giantAs the word saying, you should make effective use of what pilots have accumulated.

GIGAZINE will utilize the scientific approach of ancient and east west that has been built up and practiced so far and will help creators get out of poverty and make goods.

That's the "GIGAZINE Manga Award".

The sample "What kind of work do you want to collect" & "How will you publish the work?" Is the first work "Monkey and Gamer" to be published from this month.

Princess and gamer Episode 1 "Princess aiming for top 10 of live video ranking even if I am wrong"

"Princess and gamer" is made with the following two basic concepts. "What kind of work do you want to collect?"

· Premise that you can read in smartphone(Facing pears, vertical scroll standards)
· Full color & full digital(No underlining in analog at all, work completed with all data only)

And, the important part of "What will be the deployment of the posted work?" Will gradually become apparent as the second episode and the third episode are posted in the future.

The name to the final story has already been completed, and I will share the making part of "How did you make it" as much as possible. It is for not wanting to appeal as "I should do this" but for "I want to make it easier to find out by sharing what is the problem with everyone." "Everyone" includes not only creators but also "readers" of course.

It is "reader's power", that is, "collective intelligence" that actually manages GIGAZINE and realizes it. The excellence of GIGAZINE readers is outstanding in spelling misspellings, article mistakes, and discovering such problems. Every day, there are a lot of readers who point out where the problem is. From TV producers and newspaper reporters, we may be told that "There is a shame that a mistake is pointed out by the reader", but "I am told readers that the problem is pointed out, take seriously and take corrective measures Continue to improve "is the way we built it with the reader of GIGAZINE.

From the viewpoint of the number of readers, I do not yet reach the Weekly Shonen Jump, but it is about the size of the shoulder to align with other manga magazines.

Works that received "GIGAZINE Manga Award" will be read by those GIGAZINE readers and will spread to the vast net of the Internet. Exactly"The net is expansive ... ...."It becomes existence that embodies it.

The idea of ​​the application guidelines for "GIGAZINE Manga Award" is simple, "everything is there".

As I mentioned earlier as "premise that it can be read with smartphone", "full color & full digital", I mentioned earlier that it is the hope of GIGAZINE that "I want to post that kind of information", and although it might be a paper manuscript, There is nothing wrong with the ability. Rather, despite being competent and insanely funny, it would be totally wrong to defeat it because "it is not full color and full digital". So, "There is everything". As for how much anything, since there is no premise of printing, there is no limit on the number of pages. It is always a multiple of 8, and there are no such restraints or constraints. Entry method is not only via the net but it is OK even if you have an analog manuscript mailed to GIGAZINE editorial department. Once, as a recruitment requirement, the following is stated as "premise that it can be read by a smartphone", "full color & full digital", but if it is interesting and contents are interesting, the editorial department will do something. I will show you. The two major principles listed above "1: De-poor wealth"2: Science assistanceThat is what it is if you solve it.

◆ "GIGAZINE Manga Award" Guidelines for Application

· Basic condition 1:
Assumption that it can be read by smartphone (faced pear, vertical scroll standards)

· Basic condition 2:
Full color & full digital

· Basic condition 3:
Completion of "First episode" free of genre and its making material. Making material is character design · color setting · name · bottom drawing etc. Also, since the first episode is the most important, I will look at the completeness as the first episode. Perfection is not just about drawing power, but rather speaking of the story more.

※ However, if you are confident in the content or it is very interesting, even if it is contrary to the above three basic conditions is possible. The editorial department will do something after that. I will show you.

· Original format:
The aspect ratio, the file size, and the resolution are "Princess and gamerPlease refer to. Although the file format is recommended for full color PNG format, if conversion is troublesome, other image formats are fine as they are.

· Number of originals:
freedom. Any number of pages OK.

· Others 1:
We will do all the procedures so that we can clear under age restrictions, even minors at the time of winning.

· Other 2:
Basically it is limited to unpublished works in other journals and other media, but if you can clearly state the history and background so far at the time of entry, it is OK to reapply after applying the application once, OK It is OK to submit the completed monochrome work of full color, there are also applications for drawing from the first episode to the last episode as well as the primary creation OK already published on other media and platform by myself, published in the magazine It was OK that the book was not made into a book or it was terminated by some circumstances on the way. Please do not give up.

· Other 3:
Entry is OK even for "drawing only" or "original only". "Drawing only" will be for painter / illustrator, if you can show the URL of the portfolio and collection of works OK. "Original only" will be for Ranobet writers / novelists, if you can send them as text files as is OK.

·The deadline:
The last day of every month, the end of the month, 23:59:59

· Review process:
After the selection by the editorial department, the following review process is scheduled.

Phase 1:GIGAZINE secret club"Episode 1" score based on the closed environment that only members can view + score evaluation including the making material by the editorial department

Phase 2: Since we will contact you from the Editorial Department, we will add necessary items such as "plot until the final story" by the newly set deadline, then review by the editor-in-chief. Looking at the potential of being able to draw until the end, if it can be determined that it will run to the end, it will be the final stage advancement.

Last stage: Posted on GIGAZINE, score evaluation from access analysis results by GIGAZINE readers +GIGAZINE secret clubEvaluate points by members + score points by the editorial team to determine the winners of the grand prize

· Prize money:
First of all, we will receive a prize of 10,000 yen for everyone selected for the first stage as incentive.
Next, an additional prize of 20,000 yen was awarded as an incentive to all the members selected in the second stage.
And when it was selected as a prize winning work at the final stage, we awarded a prize of 100,000 yen.
※ The total prize amount isIt is in a category not subject to taxationSo minors should be okay, you can win. Even if there is no bank account, we will manage.

After that, since the prize winning works will be serialized as it is, after determining the unit price per page as prescribed manuscript fee, calculate the total number of pages by creating all the story names from the plot up to the last story I will pay. Also, at that time, we will organize everything including the posting interval and the proportion of subsequent royalties properly as a contract and provide an environment where you can concentrate on creation with confidence.

For example, if you get an estimate of 300 pages for 15,000 yen per page and the final story, if you calculate simply, it will be "4.5 million yen".

In short, it is not just a debut or a one-time read-only publication but a series serialized as a GIGAZINE Manga Award-winning prize. Therefore, the winner of the Grand Prize is not limited to one person, but it may be two people, three people. Even if the original and drawing are different, we will pay the original fee for each.

Although it may be less when viewed in the form of a temporary prize money, in addition to wanting to select as many works as possible, by connecting to the professional evaluation and income as a professional by the subsequent series, the final In a "1: De-poor wealth"2: Science assistanceIt is a mechanism that aims at becoming a form that conforms to the two major principles of " Although it won the prize, since it does not go through the name of the series, it is salted as it is and gave up the dream ... In order to avoid the situation like ...... Anyway, emphasis is placed on "to serialize properly and secure stable income" I will.

Also, the source of the prize moneyGIGAZINE secret clubBecause it is derived from members, if members increase, it will inevitably lead to an increase in prize money and an increase in winners. By doing so, we aim to operate a continuous and sustainable "GIGAZINE Manga Award".

· Question acceptance form:
If there is any doubt in applyingClick hereIt is okay if you can contact us. If similar questions continue, we will summarize it as a FAQ, so please understand and cooperate.

·Application Form:
Click here

Well then, we are waiting for entries from creators. Thank you.

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