Children who only see Netflix have not seen 230 hours of commercials in a year

byDiane Gregg

Many people think that it is main to watch movie distribution service on PCs and smart phones now without putting television at home. It seems that the amount of commercials that children in such times will not see will be as high as 230 hours a year.

REPORT: Kids in 'Netflix Only' Homes are Being Saved from 230 Hours of Commercials a Year

The National Institutes of HealthSurvey in 2015According to American average children are watching TV for 2.68 hours a day. Converting to one year it costs about 980 hours.

On the other hand, Los Angeles Times wrote on the basis of information of Nielsen, a research companyArticle of 2014According to 2009, the length of CM, which was 13 minutes and 25 seconds per hour on average, increased to 14 minutes 15 seconds per hour in 2013. Converting, about 24% of broadcasting time is CM.

Considering the two data together, it means that the children are watching CM for 230 hours, that is, 9.6 days in a year. On the other hand, since Netflix does not have a CM, it can be said that a child who does not have a television at home and is enjoying video content with Netflix has not seen the CM for 9.6 days.

byN Stjerna

As a video distribution service for children, YouTube also says "YouTube Kids"As of 2015, more than 11 million people use it. However, in 2017 the case that "harmful" content was in a state that could be seen through the filterThe New York Times reportedThere are many parents who choose Netflix with high reliability.

According to Rob Toledo of Extremist which is a streaming related news site, parents with children say "I try not to show the TV, but Netflix I love it because the parents can control what the children see. Children will not watch toys or CM with cereal with a lot of sugar.Netflix is ​​the blessing of the heavens. "

Meanwhile, it is a TV's strength that "Even if you are not interested, it flows as you leave it on and you can see it naturally," it is a place where you want TV to be able to get around well.

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