Clearly from the benchmark statistics that Apple dropped the performance of the old iPhone, what is its aim?

A report that "deteriorated performance has recovered after replacing the battery of the iPhone 6s" became a big topic, but the benchmark software Geekbench revealed statistics that can be inferred to support this claim. Geekbench is guessing "Why is Apple intentionally lowering its performance through iOS update?"

iPhone Performance and Battery Age - Geekbench

The following article can be confirmed about the incident that "Performance has recovered after replacing the battery of iPhone 6s whose reaction worsened after updating to iOS 11".

The phenomenon that the response speed of the iPhone becomes extremely slow can be cured by replacing the old battery Ali - GIGAZINE

Since Reddit's posting that the performance has recovered rapidly by replacing the battery, reports have been confirmed that the same phenomenon was confirmed one after another, and it became a big debate about the relation between the battery performance of the iPhone and the CPU performance. Although aged deterioration of battery performance is general and user is also easy to accept, it is out of the user's expectation that the performance of CPU deteriorates, and Apple takes intentional performance declining measures in accordance with iOS update If so, it is a big problem.

In order to answer the question of iPhone 6 / 6s users "Does performance drop due to iOS update?", The benchmark software Geekbench gathered statistics on benchmark scores by iOS versions of iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 collected by Geekbench 4 I have announced.

The graph below shows the score of Geekbench 4 of iPhone 6s iOS 10.2.0Kernel density estimationIt is graphed by. There is a sharp peak at a score less than 2,500 and you can see that the iPhone 6s benchmark score is stable around 2500.

On the other hand, with the iPhone 6s score of iOS 10.2.1, mountains begin to appear at "1000", "1400", "1700" and "2200", and you can see that the benchmark scores are starting to vary.

In iOS 11.2.0, the peak becomes clearer and the graph with 5 maxima is completed. In other words, iPhone 6s has been found to be classified into five types of CPU performance.

The benchmark score statistics show the user's voice that "iPhone 6s performance has declined due to iOS 11", but Geekbench also reveals similar statistics for iPhone 7.

The iOS 10.2.0 iPhone 7 terminal benchmark score has a sharp peak around 3400.

With iOS 10.2.1, you can see two peaks, but the performance difference is within the range of 3300 to 3600 benchmark score.

However, at iOS 11.2.0, peaks are beginning to appear at lower benchmark scores. Geekbench points out that this phenomenon is similar to iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 6s.

By comparing iOS 10.2.0 and iOS 10.2.1 on iPhone 6s, Geekbench concludes that "iPhone performance will degrade due to the software's convenience of iOS." It is hard to imagine that due to a clear difference between iOS 10.2.0 and iOS 10.2.1, which is very close to the release time, it is due to a physical obstacle of hardware degradation.

Based on the result of this time, I understood that the benchmark score tends to worsen as the iPhone gets older. And, as pointed out by Reddit, "The bug that iPhone 6s caused an unexpected shutdown could not be fixed by the battery exchange program, so Apple is trying to prevent shutdown by intentionally dropping CPU performance It is calledPointing outIt seems that it can be said that it is a result with affinity.

However, it is worth noting that iPhone 7, which so far has not reported a "shutdown suddenly" problem, appears to be degrading performance through Apple update iOS. If you think that an iPhone user who feels "iPhone's movement is getting late recently" thinks that "Because the battery is degraded" rather than "I think that the iPhone is deteriorating", the iPhone of the user Is not it to encourage shopping behavior? Geekbench points out.

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