A movie that will fly a big adventure in a world (home) where one side becomes lava when one day gets up

"When one day got up, one side was full of lava around ... ..." that reproduces the ton demo situation that you do not see very often in the fiction world, there is no love, but friendship and adventure packed (?) MovieThe Floor is Lava"Is published on YouTube.

The Floor is Lava - YouTube

The thing that is sleeping soundly in bed is the hero of the movie

The door opens and the man who raised his face drags his head a little with a long stick like a cane, but the hero has no signs of getting up at all.

Is it a prank or something, a man of glasses invading into a room secretly.

Then I put a drink that I put on the desk with a bashful.

The main character that happens only when "What are you doing!"

Here you can see that the angle changes and the lava is full around the bed and desk.

At the moment he jumped out, the foot touched the lava, the hero who burns one leg with Melamella.

I managed to extinguish this and try to escape from the room.

If you raise the blind by checking outside before that ... ....

It turns out that everywhere is also burning with melamella with lava.

That's why two of us got out of the room.

Although the living room is burning melada, ... ....

I found a friend of Ron hair on the sofa.

Bake something with lava on the eaves ... ...


However, I start to suffer as I clog the food at the next moment in my throat.

By saying "I must help somehow!"

I am going to the rescue through the beam of the house.

Ron hair which weakens as weakly as lavish as it seems to be.

Succeeded to come up to the sofa where Rong hair is fallen by a big jump from the beam.

Successful rescue is successful.

However, while I was doing it, I noticed that the amount of lava increased more than before ... ...

Rescued Ron hair.

Suddenly he will take a death dive to the lava from the top of the sofa, but his willingness will be vainly forgotten.

The main character and eyeglasses also screamed at this. Why did you dive into lava that has nothing to do ...?

If you notice it, the bulk of the lava has risen considerably, and there is almost no place to stand on the sofa. The hero managed to go around the wall ... ...

Push the Ron hair that fell into the lava by pawing it.

Then, Ron 's hair flows to the former glasses that were left behind in the room.

With this as a foothold the eyeglass managed to escape from the living room somehow. Ron hair seems to have sacrificed his body for the two who helped himself.

The hero and glasses will succeed in collaborating and putting out the stairs leading to the attic.

The hero moved to the attic first ... ...

I try to raise my glasses ... ...

Sure enough eyeglasses fall into a pinch of desperate situation.

It is two people who have worked together so far to escape from the lava, but how can it be destiny or how ...?

People who are worried about continuing to play the actual movies and check the ending.

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