I tried all 2 items of Christmas limited menu "Holiday Strawberry" and "Holiday Chocolate" at "Roll Ice Cream Factory" which rolls ice cream round and round

A roll ice cream specialty shop "ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY" that makes ice cream on the minus 10 degree metal plate in front of you is Osaka, the second Japanese shop after the Harajuku store "Dotonbori Store" was opened on December 16, 2017, and the store limited Christmas menu "Holiday Strawberry (Holiday Strawberry)"When"Holiday Chocolate (Holiday Chocolate)Two items appeared. I was concerned about the inexperienced roll ice cream and the store limited Christmas menu, so I went to eat at once.

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ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY The address of Dotonbori branch is 2-2-2 Dotombori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka. It is a minute's walk from Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji Line Namba Station.

Roll Ice Cream Factory Arrived at Osaka · Dotonbori store.

The mint-colored store has become glass-faced, and it seems that the inside of the store is crowded from the outside.

The interior of the shop looks like the cooking space through the glass, and you can see the ice cream being made. There were many scenes where customers shoot cooking of roll ice cream with smartphones.

Ice is made on the plate one after another in response to the customer's order.

Shelves on the other side of the cooking space ......

There is a white Christmas tree decorated with the same color mint color as the store's exterior.

Since the lighting is applied to the shelf from the top and it is perfect for taking pictures, the customer puts the received ice on a shelf before eating a bite, and a person taking ice cream with a smartphone goes back I will not stop.

Since I saw the inside of the store one by one, I ordered the Dotonbori Store Limited Christmas menu only at the cash register.

To order the roll ice cream factory, select the base flavor of the base flavor, mix one type of "mix in material" mixed with ice and two kinds of topping material and finally select the source.

Toppings are prepared abundantly, and there are 20 types of mix in material and 40 kinds of topping, so it seems to be awkward to combine.

Kind of customization is rich, but this time, because the mercenary is "Holiday Chocolate (holiday chocolate)" and "Holiday Strawberry (Holiday strawberry)" 2 dishes of the Christmas menu of Osaka store limited, customization I ordered each without .

When the ice cream is completed, it will call with the number written under the receipt.

I will look at the course of cooking ice cream until I call out the number. First the liquid cream was placed. The pink cream is the ice cream holiday strawberry, the chocolate cream seems to be an ice cream holiday chocolate.

Next, a mix-in material to be mixed in ice cream is placed on a metal plate cooled to minus 10 degrees or less. In the case of holiday strawberries, frozen strawberries are placed.

Next, cut the mix-in material with metal spatula.

Mix-in material strawberries were cut.

Next, a liquid cream is applied to the mix-in material.

For holiday chocolate, Oreo cookie is used for mix-in material.

The clerk uses two metal horses and mixes the liquid cream in the manner of iron plate cooking. You will be able to show off a splendid metal spatula, but it made me feel a little mysterious that this was on a minus 10 degree plate instead of on a hot iron plate.

As you mix it, the cream cools down and solidifies.

When the cream solidifies, the cream part is about to finish. Make the cream square on the plate and spread it.

Using a metallic spatula with both hands, with creams going ... ...

The ice cream curls up and you can make an ice cream cylinder. Repeat this process to mass produce ice cream cylinders.

When rolled ice cream is put in paper cup ... ....

Ice cream looks like a bouquet of roses.

Next, put the whipped cream on the top of the cup ... ...

Next I will put a topping. Topping is in the bottle ... ...

There is something in the metal bat.

Clerk carefully decorate the balance considering the balance.

Pierced Candy Cane ......

Finally with a spoon, completed in about 15 minutes.

The Dotonbori store has an eat-in space on the second floor, so go up the stairs.

Eat-in space is a place where the heating of the air conditioner is heard, and the light of the lighting is falling from overhead at any seat, so it seems that it is going to be hard to take photos with smartphones as on the first floor.

Put it on the table and try to eat all the Holiday Strawberry and Holiday Chocolate in the Dotonbori Store Limited Christmas menu.

Both are the same size, compared to the iPhone 8 with a height of 138.4 mm.

I will eat from "Holiday Strawberry".

From the top, whipped cream that Christmas color was brilliantly topped ......

Star shaped gummy

Sweets that will celebrate the Christmas atmosphereGinger Man CookieWhen……

Candy caneI am stuck.

Base flavored strawberry roll ice cream is wrapped around and it is worrisome about what effect it has on texture and taste when wrapped with ice cream.

When I tried eating whole roll of ice cream, I thought that "the whole amount was large?", But the thinly stretched ice melted down in the mouth. I felt the texture like a gelato with less milk fat than ice cream. The scent of strawberry and gentle sweetness expands and the acidity to which the flesh of strawberry adds becomes an accent. The body will get cold when you eat, but the interior is not enough to shiver in the cold as it is warm and warm. Eating ice cream in a warm room in cold winter is absolutely luxurious.

Roll ice cream, when put in a spoon, is slightly more resistant than soft ice cream, it is easy to break, feeling a bit strange.

When you eat with cold whipped cream, the coldness is relieved and creaminess is added.

Ginger Man Cookie moderates the mouth that got cold, with moderate scent and flavor.

Star-shaped gummy is modest sweetness, there are responders that there is no other topping.

Candy cane is made of peppermint mint, it is easy to break, so be careful.

Next, I will eat "Holiday Chocolate (Holiday Chocolate)".

Topping is almost common with holiday strawberry ......

The only difference is the chocolate ginger Man cookie.

When I tried eating it from the ginger man cookie of the topping, it did not feel the scent of ginger, it was a bitter taste with the flavor of chocolate.

I will eat chocolate roll ice cream with base flavor.

When I try to eat, the flavor of chocolate is stronger than the expectation, the taste of adults, the bitter taste of oleo cookie matches when chewing.

A little chocolate flavor is strong, so when you eat with whipped cream, the flavor and taste become mild, just right balance.

Like this, at the roll ice cream factory I got a feeling of live making ice cream in front of me and ice cream of a slightly unusual texture with good melting in the mouth. "Holiday Strawberry (Holiday Strawberry)" and "Holiday Chocolate (Holiday Chocolate)" are offered only for Osaka · Dotonbori branch and the sales period is a limited-term menu until December 25, 2017, so people who are interested It seems better to have it taste as soon as possible.

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