From the early illustration of Star Wars, the movie that reproduced "If Luke is a woman"

Mr. Ralph McWolley who served as a concept designer of the Star Wars series, has illustrated illustrations such as "Han solo of women with green skin", "Stormtrooper with light saver", "Luca Skywalker of heroine" We are leaving. Based on these illustrations, you can learn about "what if" in the Star Wars series that will be successful worldwide, about digital animation and visual effectsDAVE SchoolA movie reproduced as a concept trailer by students of the university is published.

The Star Wars: Concept Trailer on Vimeo

On the paper titled "THE STAR WARS" instead of "STAR WARS", it says "From the Adventures of Luke Starkiller" (From Adventure of Luke Starkeiller). The author, of course, is George Lucas.

Documents shown in the movie seem to have been written as the third draft, you can check the date of August 1, 1975.

In addition, a number of image illustrations by Ralph McWalley who served as the concept designer of the Star Wars series are displayed.

Illustration with color with stormtroopers with lightsaber in hand. Speaking of Stormtrooper is a so-called "zako enemy" character, but having a lightsaber will increase the sense of enemy at once.

This is Luca Skywalker of the heroine. At the draft the name of the hero isLuke Star KillerAnd the heroine was Luca Skywalker.

The familiar C-3PO and R2-D2, the C-3PO is quite feminine silhouette.

A fighter aircraft flying towards a huge building like a Death Star

A member of the leading character team led by Luke Star Killer is like this. Luke Star Killer flutters the cloak and has a stronger hero than the Luke Skywalker. Heroine Luca Skywalker has a gun and looks like a warrior more than Princess Leia. The humanoid warrior standing in the middle is not hairy like Chewbacca,Star Wars The insurgentsTo appear inGarazab OreliosIt looks like it.

From such early image illustrations and drafts, students of DAVE School, a video-related vocational school, recreated the movie "If these illustrations and drafts were adopted" in the movie.

I actually shoot movies using actors.

That's why the concept trailer 'THE STAR WARS' started

C-3PO and R2-D2 came on a tattoo-like desert planet

Looking into the binoculars on the cliff is ...

Heroine's Luka Skywalker

Concept trailer is a reproduction of image illustration with video, so there is no clear connection to a series of images, but while remembering Star Wars this story, "This is ... ... ..." and various delusions It may be fun looking while inflating.

Why are you waiting for a line walking through a pure white inorganic passage ......

Stormtrooper with lightsaber in hand

Space warfare by a fighter excellent in speed sense is also reproduced.

Fast shot confrontation of Luke star killer and western play style by beastman

Reproduction of spaceship-like things and fighter-like things is great.

Is it inside the base of the Galactic Empire?

A fighter with a design different from the X wing ... ...

I will head towards a huge fortress like Death Star.

A spaceship that looks like a body stuck to a huge barrel

A heroine using a key rope by a dead end why

And a character wearing a dark armor like Darth Vader also appeared.

The color of the lightsaber is red

At the end, the main casts decide to arrange and pose

Again the title logo "THE STAR WARS" appeared and the concept trailer ended.

After the concept trailer, the making movie also flows in the end roll style of the movie.

There is nothing on the screen ......

Add desert

Then Iwashi ...

Place something like a sandy mountain or escape pod ... ...

Finally I will put C-3PO and R2-D2.

And by applying effects in many ways, it reproduces the feeling of sunlight falling in the desert and one scene in the movie is completed.

The illustration underlying this scene is like this.

Besides, the picture taken with the green back ......

Arranged on a full CG cliff.

Sky ......

While overlapping with the earth, many colors ......

We add two suns and the scene is completed.

The original illustration is kore. You can see that the movie reproduces the illustration quite elaborately.

In a pure white passage ......

Added a hangar that appears outside the window.

Only people are shooting in live action.

Arrange this in the aisle. If it is a photograph of only the original actor, it looks like "a good cosplay that can be done", but the background is just like that, so the style like the hero of the space · opera suddenly drifts at once.

Add Stormtrooper ......

Shoot the lightsaber and it will be completed.

I reproduce the original illustration perfectly.

On the pink shining ground ......

Add sky.

Subsequently, C-3PO and R2-D2 appeared.

Pictures taken with green whole body tights ... ...

It was for photographing the clothing of the beast of the hero team with live action.

All bodies other than clothes are like CG.

Next, with the protagonist Luke Star Killer ......

Add Heroine's Luca Skywalker ......

Completion if it is done by entirely.

The original illustration looks something like this.

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