A movie that shows how the powerful scene of "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" was created

The movie "Star Wars" series released as the latest work "Star Wars / Force's Awakens"J. J. Abrams of the director pursued the ultimate reality, so the live-action images are used in many scenes, but there are scenes made using CG for the theme of the universe. A movie that shows how well CG of "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" was made has been released, and it is worth seeing even if it is not a fan.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Exclusive Breakdown Edit - YouTube

A model was actually made for BB - 8 which appeared from this work.

Add the head CG to the actual model.

Equipment etc. behind the BB - 8 were corrected.

Looking at the image below, you can see how the BB - 8 thumbs up scene was made.

A scene where Ray and Fin fly into Millennium Falcon, shot in green back.

Millennium Falcon 3D model appeared.

Details will be adjusted while making corrections.

It was CG and Barebare as it was.

Processing that added texture there was given, and smoke was added to the background.

This is a completed scene.

Millennium Falcon that glides while slanting.

When people are turned off, you can see that many parts are CG.

The camera approached Gugg and Millennium Falcon.

The gray body will turn white and red paint will be added.

A slightly dirty feeling of paint is added and lighting is given.

That is why a scene of great power like real life was born.

Various parts began to gather from all directions.

What on earth are you making?

Step by step approaching completion ......

If you've been watching a movie, you can see it.

This was the Star Destroyer that crashed.

Even with Star Destroyer, a tremendous amount of parts are used.

A scene where Millennium Falcon chased by the TIE fighter jumps into the crashed Star Destroyer and is about to escape. This is a scene called Falcon Chase.

It shows how the angle uses the special effect while rotating with the gurgle.

A scene where Millennium Falcon flying from front to back in Falcon Chase.

This scene is full CG.

To Star Destroyer made with CG ... ....

It is covered with sand. Although I added elements to be broken by Star Destroyer and wearing sand and express what I was left undone for 30 years since the end of the battle, but I was overwhelmed and buried in the sand Since it can not be determined whether Star Destroyer or not, it is important that the balance around that is important.

This is also the scene of Falcon Chase.

As the movie advances in the form of rewinding the CG creation process from the finished scene, the sand rises and color gradually disappears.

The big parts of Star Destroyer are gone ... ...

Only the desert and the Millennium Falcon, and only the shadow were left.

Parts falling down from the top of the screen ......

A crashed Star Destroyer will be made.

Completion of Star Destroyer.

Fixed lighting and texture ......

If you add an X wing that crashed to the left side in the foreground, you can create a scene where Ray will ride on the pod and blow up.

Ray is in the Star Destroyer ship, and I am looking for something that is likely to be money if I sell it.

When removing the live-action part, this way.

Added special effects.

Add live-action images taken with greenback there.


The engine part of the tremendously big Star Destroyer.

Initial stage CG.

Impression changes with glare only by adding color and lighting.

The texture of rustling and the special effects of the desert etc. were added.

The crashing Star Destroyer lies in the desert.

The part created by CG will be removed more and more.

Eventually the desert in the background began to disappear.

Actual picture of the desert taken.

It will give various special effects to live-action images.

It is the person who is wearing a clothes that is clearly floating ... ....

It is an actress Rupita Nyongo. Nyongo shot with motion capture ......

I became a legendary female pirate Mazukanata.

Mazukanata reflects facial expressions in real timeFaceshifAnd it is made using ILM special technology which was responsible for CG production.

The appearance that Mazukanata is completed is a word of excitement.

There is a real movement that seems like there seems to be someone who did not notice CG in the person who saw it at the movie theater.

3D model of Nyongo's face.

When the whole is pulled left and right, it turns into Mazukanata.

Looking at an oblique angle like this.

The eyes of Mazukanata move with the gyeologyeoro.

This is where I am holding the mouth, but I can see that not only the mouth but the muscles of the whole face move in conjunction.

Depending on the eyes of Mazukanata ......

Only the eyes got bigger.

This is a scene where Mazukanata reads the heart of Finn.

In order to create CG of Mazukanata, real models are created.

Since there is no explanation in the movie, I can not tell whether Mazukanata reflected in the image below is an actual model or CG, but it may be that CG level is high. In fact,ILM staffEven in the movie, there seems to be a scene where it is not real or CG.

What on earth is this?

Snow mountains were added to the background, and bases with the first order appeared.

A thing like a big platform was added.

Tie fighter and stormtrooper rush down from above.

Smoke and lighting are added, and the first order military scene is completed.

Where a resistive soldier fighting the first order is steering the X wing.

The background turned pale.

Only soldiers lose other elements.

A blister's greenish color is added to the soldier's helmet and an X wing cockpit is added.

The whole cockpit was greener and the X wing fuselage was added outside the window.

This image was used for the scene of the flight X Wing's cockpit, and it is a shot that I drew quite a bit when it was an actual movie. Even in areas that are almost invisible, you can see well that it is built totally.

In the end scene where Millennium Falcon flying Sea Surface Fresnel and splash of splashing water.

The sea waving by the impact of the flying Millennium Falcon is CG.

There is a staff specializing in the special effects of natural objects such as splash and smoke in "Star Wars / Force's Awakening", and he seems to be sticking to making images featuring reality even with CG.

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