Google released three free high-function applications that can process movies and images automatically "Storyboard" "Selfissimo!" "Scrubbies - Video"

As part of Google's project "appsperiments" to develop practical and convenient applications using computer vision technology, three new applications"Storyboard" "Selfissimo!" "Scrubbies - Video"Has been released for Android and iOS.

Research Blog: Introducing Appsperiments: Exploring the Potentials of Mobile Photography

appsperiments (apsperiments) is a coined word that means "experiments" meaning "experiments" in English, coined by "application", is a name given to a project to develop literally an experimental application. In this time, Google developed the following three applications using object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithm, and highly efficient image encoding / decoding technology out of the company's computer vision technology.

◆ "Storyboard" that allows you to create comic page already framed on a movie(Android versiononly)
"Storyboard" released only for Android is an application that transforms the contents of the movie shot with the camera into illustration style and is also configured as a layout like a page of cartoons. It is easy to use, when you load movies you import into the application, the application recognizes important scenes and important scenes in the movie, and automatically creates page layouts by frame-sharing. All processing is done in the application, and it is possible to do it over and over again until a page that you like is created. It is theoretically possible to create as many as 1.6 trillion street pages.

◆ Self-shooting application "Selfissimo!" That automatically shuts off when taking a pose(iOS version/Android version)
Selfissimo! Is an application that automatically shoots black and white Selphy (self-taken pictures). If you pose in front of the camera, the application will take a picture of the timing as a photographer waiting for a shutter opportunity. To use it, just start up the application, tap the screen to start shooting, and pull out one after another. After that, the application recognizes that the movement of the person has stopped and turns off the shutter. Pictures taken can be saved individually or collectively.

◆ "Scrubbies - Video" that makes it easy to create looped movies(iOS versiononly)
Scrubbies - Video or simply "Scrubbies" is an application that allows you to create short loop videos by changing the playback speed of movies you shoot or playing in reverse. It is said that you can create a loop animation by activating the application, taking a movie, and then "remixing the DJ to scratch the record".

Due to popularization of smartphones, 10 million pixel class cameras are now in use throughout the city, creating huge amounts of photographs and video content every day. Google uses computer vision technology to aim for such content to have meaning behind it rather than just data. We will post posting haste review articles of these applications in GIGAZINE after this, so please look forward to it.

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