Completely released "Rockman 11" announced in the 30th anniversary, Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / PC appeared

Capcom's popular action game celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017RockmanFrom the series, completely new work "Rockman 11It was announced ahead of time overseas that it will appear. Rockman 11, the long-awaited series's latest work, is able to enjoy high-resolution 3D graphics rather than enjoying a low-resolution retro atmosphere, and on various platforms such as Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC It is due to appear.

The movie which flowed when Rockman 11 was announced can be seen from the following.

Mega Man 11 - Announcement Trailer - YouTube

Rockman came to a place written as "2018" "30th"

Warping somewhere as usual as a flash of blue light ......

Previous work "Rockman 9 Ambition Revival! !"And the previous work"Rockman 10 Threat from Space! !"It was not developed in retrospective graphics daringly, but a screen developed with the latest graphics appeared.

Of course the weapon is a lockbuster that fires energy bullets from the arm.

It is also possible to charge and destroy things at once.

Sliding or ...

You can call a rush and jump a lot using the back spring.

You can change the familiar weapon in the Rockman series.

And boss fight

A boss in a nostalgic atmosphere will attack Rockman somewhere.

The body of Rockman shines glittering and charges something.

I think that it is a lock buster, suddenly spread like a light explosion centered on Rockman.

However, the logo of "MEGAMAN 11" which is the overseas name of Rockman 11 appeared here. It seems that the true identity of a new intriguing technique is to "wait for the next report."

Rockman 11 is scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2018 and plans to appear for platforms such as Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC.

The announcement is "30th anniversary celebration of the Rockman Series delivered by Twitter for Capcom overseas"Mega Man 30th Anniversary Live Stream"On the official overseas Twitter some art designs etc. are also made public.

The illustration below is a Rockman who changed to a new weapon that appeared even in the movie

Is it a newly designed role?

The development team of Rockman 11 favorite boss character,TapmanIt is said that.

In the Rockman series, six works from the beginning to Rockman 6 are distributed for iOS and Android, and on iOS6 pieces setSince things are being delivered, it is also ant to prepare in past work before a new work appears.

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