Project "Mega Man 2.5D" to play "Rockman" in between 2 and 3 dimensions

Starting from the 2009 concept movie, the development of a version which can really play while going through twists and turns is continuing "Mega Man 2.5D"is. What exactly is "2.5 D" is that although it is a two-dimensional plane, play that makes full use of the three-dimensional spatial depth is possible and what it means is as follows I understand.

Mega Man 2.5D - Single Player Demo - YouTube

The usual rock-manish-like opening

But the stage is strangely three-dimensional

Ride on the gear to rotate, allowing movement in the depth direction.

Also, if you think that there are fluffy enemies ......

In this way the mechanism of automatic scrolling, the middle between 3 and 2 dimensions, "2.5 D".

Mega Man 2.5D - Trailer - YouTube

Inevitably the stage is rather spacious and it will be like this

Impressive power is up because the scene from which the laser comes from directly beside or above is also three-dimensional

The confrontation with the boss is also a bit different.

Go and move ...

Attack from the left and right

Even if it 's an inexhaustible stage, it also increases difficulty.

And two people can play simultaneously

The situation in the middle of development is also released as follows and it is slow, but you can see that it is progressing.

Mega Man 2.5D - December update - YouTube

Mega Man 2.5D - March update 2012 - YouTube

Although it was originally the release target in 2012, one of the main programmers became busy and can not engage in development, and at the present time it is the release target within 2013.


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