What is necessary to carry out what to do?

byAlexandra Kirr

Human brain is full of bugs as much as Internet Explorer. For example, even instructing the brain to "go to the gym," most people just do not follow the instructions, just update the Facebook status or watch the cat's movie. Humans have the weakness of the will that can not be put into practice even if they understand what to do like this,Oliver EmbertonThinks this is the same as a "bug" such as a computer program, and summarizes how to debug (fix) this.

How to debug your brain

The brain does not do anything until some event occurs, eventually responds to the event "Event drivenIt is an organ, said Emberton. For example, I want to say that human beings are creatures who think "I want to eat something" for the first time "hungry".

And, as there are many events in the real life, we wait for multiple events to be executed to us so that they compete for brain processing capabilities. However, since there are bugs in the system that judges which events of "human beings will be handled preferentially", ignoring the tasks of high priority and carrying out tasks that can be executed at any time "Facebook update" I will do, I will postpone what I should do.

Of course it is possible to consciously try to process necessary events, but the human brain has poor energy efficiency, so we can not always consciously process it. However, if you know that long-term benefits outweigh the short-term distress, you will be able to execute even events you do not want to consciously perform. Although the power of this consciousness is controllable, it requires a lot of power, so if you are tired mentally, you can say "to play the game" or "to update the SNS" Easy to process "tend to be handled.

How then can you handle a cumbersome event, first stop all the events. And in order to simplify my intention, "No"Is used. "No" is simply a means to reject everything. Even if Facebook wants to check it, even if someone asks if there is time for five minutes, even if it is a choice that could make someone angry, I will pose "no" for everything. Of course suddenly answering "No" for every event, there is a possibility that you will be worried about from around. However, since the time for distraction comes out later, anyway, it is important to start with posing "no" at every event at the beginning.

And now I should do "correctI ask myself what I mean. Since I stuck "no" to all the events, something should be done something. What is important when deciding what to do is only the difference between "importance" and "urgency". It is necessary to firmly remember that events necessary for living such as "to live" are not necessarily events with a high "importance", simply as events with a high degree of urgency. It is said that if you check "importance" and "urgency" and prioritize events with a high "importance", it will lead to a big difference when viewed in the long term.

And once one event to decide is decided "nowImmediately we will move to execution. Do not give time to think to yourself, it is important to just start. The start is the most difficult part in everything, and stopping like inertia once it starts will require effort.

◆ Summary
The reason why it is hard to do what is necessary is that the brain accepted many ideas when some change occurred and decided that what is not to be done is "to do", stick to that choice It is like a bug that happens to get over.

The way to correct it is very simple, eliminating all options first, picking only one "what you should do" from inside, and immediately executing it.

In other words, it is important to emphasize "no" for every option, choose one really "right" to do from a number of choices, and immediately execute "now" what Emberton recommended to do It is a means to do. If you remember even the three short words "no", "right" and "now", you will be able to guide you lazy men who tend to take wrong actions at all times, so remember, there is no loss.

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