Bargain version 9.7-inch iPad that Apple will also appear in 2018 possibility that price may cut below 30,000 yen

From a sluggish sales downturn, demodulation of unit sales in 2017Being reportedFor iPad, Apple is forecasting to introduce a 9.7 inch iPad with even lower price than before within 2018.

Apple plans new inexpensive 9.7-inch iPad for 2018, says sources

Apple may release a new 9.7-inch iPad for less than $ 300 - BGR

DigiTimes dealing with electronic device related news in Taiwan and China reported that it is informed that Apple will release a cheap 9.7-inch iPad in 2018. This is considered to be a strategy to support the product lineup in order to make sure the sales performance of iPad that is on a recovery trend, "10 million units on a quarterly basis".

About the price of the low price version DigiTimes predicts "259 dollars" (about 29,000 yen). By the way, the selling price of the current 9.7 inch · 32 GB iPad is 329 dollars. In Japan, it is set at 37,800 yen, and if it is simply converted it is 1 dollar = 114.89 yen. If this rate is applied even for the low price version, the selling price in Japan seems to be around "29,757 yen".

Apple seems to be planning to expand this model in industrial fields in addition to general consumers. It is estimated that the terminal assembly will be made to Compal Electronics, the main board production will be ordered from Compeq and Unitech Printed Circuit Board, but each company refuses to respond to the interview.

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