A survey result that iPhone 8 / X's high-speed charging is inferior to the latest Android terminal, but still it can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes

Although its existence is diluted for wireless charging compatibility, new typeiPhone 8/8 PlusandiPhone XIs "Recharge at high speed up to 50% in 30 minutes"High speed charging function that can be done is carried. However, it is surveyed that this fast charge function is somewhat inferior to the latest Android terminal.

Tested: OnePlus 5T Is the Fastest-Charging Smartphone

New study shows iPhone 8 & iPhone X fast charging slower than flagship Android phones | 9to5Mac

Three models of iPhone 8/8 Plus / X that appeared in 2017 correspond to the high-speed charging function using USB Type-C (USB-C), "Apple USB-C - Lightning cable"By using the combination of" Apple 29W / 61W / 87W USB-C Power Adapter "or" Compatible third-party USB-C power adapter compatible with USB Power Delivery ", it takes only 30 minutes to charge the battery You can charge up to 50%.

You can check the wattage by looking at the bottom of the adapter made by Apple himself.

However, on the product review siteTom's Guide, The iPhone 8/8 Plus / X is inferior to the competing latest Android terminal in its high-speed charging function.

Tom's Guide uses the latest smartphone called iPhone 8/8 Plus / X and OnePlus 5T, LG V30, Google Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 8 and dedicated high-speed charging accessories to measure charging time. In the case of the iPhone 8/8 Plus / X, we used a combination of "Apple USB - C - Lightning cable" officially recommended by Apple and "Apple 29 W USB - C power adapter".

In the high-speed charging function test, the charging time is 30 minutes and 1 hour, and it is measured how much the battery can charge. The following graph summarizes the results. OnePlus 5T (59%) was able to charge the most battery with 30 minutes of charge, then LG V30 (53%), iPhone X (50%), iPhone 8 (49%), iPhone 8 Plus (47% ), Pixel 2 (38%), Galaxy Note 8 (35%). The iPhone is roughly nominal, but the charging speed is clearly slower than OnePlus 5T and LG V30.

Furthermore, when charging the terminal with a combination of the AC adapter and Lightning cable that comes with iPhone purchase, how much the battery can charge is as follows. With 30 minutes charge, you can only charge 30% for iPhone 8, 26% for iPhone 8 Plus, 17% for iPhone X, and you can see that iPhone X has a big gap with iPhone X, especially when using the high-speed charging function .

In response to this survey, Apple's media 9to 5Mac says, "Despite the fact that it requires a lot of expenses to use the fast charging function, the fact that the latest iPhone is charging more slowly than the main Android terminal Although it may be trivial for some users, it can be said that what Apple should do is to clarify what Apple should do to compete with Android with its fast charging feature. "

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