Apple and Qualcomm muddy progress further, and Qualcomm will bring out a lawsuit seeking to stop importing iPhone 8 / X

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Disputes with Apple regarding patents on chips mounted on iPhone etc Chipmakers in the middleQualcommHas filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the importation of iPhone 8 and iPhone X to the United States. Just before that, Apple has filed suit against Qualcomm, and the situation has reached the appearance of a bog.

Qualcomm takes aim at Apple's flagship iPhone X, to seek partial ban in U. S. - The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Based on San Diego Qualcomm filed three patent infringement lawsuits against San Diego District Court on 29th November 2017 local time. In addition to this, we also submit a new complaint to the American International Trade Commission on the next 30th. In the suit, Qualcomm says that Apple infringes at least 16 patents such as communication band technology and power saving technology, photography processing, technology related to the setup of dual cameras, and so on.

Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting litigation in the past, and in July 2017 Qualcomm had filed an action to stop the import and sale of the iPhone.

Qualcomm requests the US government to stop importing and selling iPhone - GIGAZINE

On the other hand, on November 29, 2017 Apple made a counterclaim on battery technology to Qualcomm partner.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of patent infringement in countersuit

Apple, QUALCOMM reversed charges against battery life-related patents - CNET Japan

Although this move of Qualcomm seems to have responded promptly to a counterclaim by Apple, the timing by Don Rosenberg, who is the company's legal advisor, is "accidental". "We can not get a prompt response before the complaint soon," "Qualcomm is currently pursuing three new lawsuits in San Diego District Court and one new case in the International Trade Commission. These litigation complains 16 patents infringing on the lawsuits that have been advanced so far, and five of them are seeking injunction against the international trade commission for importation. " I tell the contents.

Apple has adopted Qualcomm chips so far, but it is reported from related sources that it is a policy to switch to Intel chips in the terminal released in 2018. However, in terms of quality, Qualcomm has more parts to win, so there is a view that Apple is getting into a dilemma.

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