Google Maps supports large screen of iPhone X, changes in information volume are obvious at a glance

"5.8 inches big screen"iPhone X"The aspect ratio of the screen has changed from the conventional 16: 9 (≈ 1.78: 1) to 2.17: 1, and it is a terminal with a considerably portrait display. As a result, many applications other than Apple's genuine app do not correspond to the special display size of iPhone X, and there are many applications that can not make full use of the big screen. Especially when the amount of information you see and listen to is greater, the more you use browsers and map apps that are appealing, you get a feeling that "I will support iPhone X as soon as possible ...", but it's a classic map application One Google map supported iPhone X, and it finally became usable without leaving a big screen at last.

Google Maps for iOS gets update with iPhone X support | 9to5Mac

About 1 month after iPhone X was released on November 3, 2017, on December 1, it was announced that Google map was compatible with iPhone X 5.8 inch display. Support for iPhone X is from version "4.41", which is the latest version of Google Maps application, and some bugfixes are also included in the update.

According to Google, the new features of version 4.41 are as follows.

Thank you for using Google Maps. IPhone X has been supported from this release. We also fixed bugs so that users could discover new places and move them more easily. Please download the latest version and use the abundant function of Google Maps.

You can see clearly how much the display area was enlarged by looking at the image below. When searching for a specific place, the search bar is displayed at the top of the screen, information on the search candidate is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the map display area at the bottom tends to be narrow, but if it is a vertically long iPhone X, You can show other information firmly while displaying. Also, because it is simply portrait, it is also a feature that the number of displayed items such as search results changes.

Furthermore, comparing Apple's genuine map application (left) with Google Maps supporting iPhone X looks like this. In the map application of Apple, in order to improve the visibility around the status bar at the top of the screen, we make it not to display the map by making it translucent around the recessed part, but on Google Maps it is displayed intact so that the map can be seen even a bit doing.

The updated Google Maps is available from the following.

Google Maps - GPS Navi on the App Store

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