Apple Announces Efforts to Identify Irregular Heart Rhythms with Apple Watch in Collaboration with Stanford University, App for Apple Atrial Fibrillation App 'Apple Heart Study' Appeared



Apple Watch has been shown to be able to detect heart attacks and to identify cardiac arrhythmias in combination with machine learning . Such collaboration between the Apple Watch and the medical community is accelerating, and Apple has announced the “Identify Irregular Rhythm of the Heart” activity that is newly working with Stanford University School of Medicine, and the atrial cell completed as a result We have released the ' Apple Heart Study ' app that detects motion .

Apple Heart Study launches to identify irregular heart rhythms-Apple

Apple launched a study to look for irregular heart rhythms on the Apple Watch | TechCrunch

Apple and Stanford team up for apps that looks for irregular heart rhythms

Atrial fibrillation, a major cause of stroke, kills approximately 130,000 people each year in the United States and hospitalizes 750,000. Many people have never experienced atrial fibrillation, so it is very difficult to diagnose. It is said that Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, which can calculate the patient's heart rate and its rhythm, is suitable to check if there are symptoms of such atrial fibrillation. The Apple Watch heart rate sensor uses a green LED light that flashes hundreds of times per second to look at the blood flowing through the wrist using a light sensitive photodiode. With this mechanism, heart rate data can be derived by collecting signals from four different light points illuminating the wrist and analyzing the data with a powerful software algorithm. The newly released Apple Heart Study app uses this heart rate sensor to identify if the wearer's heart is pulsating at irregular rhythms.

Apple's Jeff Williams COO, 'We receive a letter from a customer every week about 'How Apple Watch affected their lives'. These stories inspire us. And we are determined to do more to understand people's health, and we want to work with the medical community to not only inform people of their specific health status, but also to advance discoveries in cardiac sciences It is said that.

Apple is working in partnership with Stanford University School of Medicine in this area. As part of the study, if an irregular heart rhythm is identified in the Apple Heart Study, participants will be able to receive free medical review with an Apple Watch and an iPhone, and ECG patches will be available for additional monitoring. It is said that it will be delivered.

Lloyd-Miner, director of Stanford University School of Medicine, said, “Apple's heart research makes professors at Stanford University School of Medicine proactively that technology such as Apple Watch's heart rate sensor will be at the center of an approach in

precision medicine We are thinking that it will help guide healthcare, and we are very excited to be able to work with Apple in this groundbreaking heart study.

Doctors and medical researchers from around the world are revolutionizing medical research using the iPhone and the Apple Watch. As a software tool that researchers use, Apple has created a platform called ResearchKit , which provides insights and discoveries about diseases such as autism and Parkinson's disease at a pace never seen before It is said that There are more than 500 researchers and more than 300,000 subjects participating on the platforms ResearchKit and CareKit.

In addition, the app 'Apple Heart Study' announced by Apple this time is available from the following. However, you could not use the app unless you were an American resident 22 years of age or older, and you could not find the app in the Japanese App Store.

Apple Heart Study on the App Store

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