Research results that the type of alcohol is related to different moods such as aggressive and relaxing

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Researchers investigated how four kinds of alcoholic wine, red wine, white wine, spirits and beer, are related to human emotions. Some people increase drinking opportunities towards the end of the year, but at that time the liquor related to "relaxation" is red wine.

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BMJ JournalsIn a newly published study, the world's largest drug research "Global Drug Survey"Data is used. Global Drug Survey is investigating the relationship between drinking outdoors or indoors of four types of alcohol, beer, spirits, red wine, white wine, and changes in emotions when drinking. Therefore, the researchers concerned how the type of alcohol and alcoholic feelings and emotions such as "energetic" "relaxing" "sexy" confidence "tired" "bad feeling" "serenity" "sadness" I checked it.

Researchers especially focused on 30,000 respondents from 18 to 31 years of age. These respondents came from 21 countries around the world and had experiences of drinking the above four kinds of alcohol.

The results of the survey show that different types of liquor can trigger different emotions. For example, distilled liquor is more likely to draw negative emotions than the other three, and red wine seems to be strongly related to positive emotions. Of the respondents, 53% felt "relaxed" when drinking red wine, then 50% of the beers were strongly involved in relaxation. Distilled spirits are said to be least related to relaxation. Researchers also reported that distilled liquor was not only aggressive but also related to "energetic", "confident", "sexy" and so on.

Professor Mark Bellis of the University of Wales, one of the researchers said, "Over the centuries the history of lamb, gin, vodka and other distilled spirits has been with violence." "This global research is today It shows that even drinking distilled liquor is easier to produce aggressive feelings than other alcoholic beverages. "

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Also, depending on the educational standards, nationality, and age, the responses are different, and respondents aged 18 to 24 responded to "self-confidence", "energetic" and "sexy" when drinking out of the house for any type of alcohol It is said that the trend was high. In addition, women also indicated that differences in alcohol types and feelings are more likely to be related.

And men are more likely to be associated with aggression for any kind of alcohol, especially those who drink or depend on alcohol often have a more aggressive level than those who do not drink much. It seems that it was twice as expensive. Also, people who are more dependent on alcohol compared with those who do not drink much, tend to feel "energetic" at drinking time is 5 times higher, alcohol that produces positive feelings It is thought that it depends on.

Of course, because the influence of things other than alcohol is affected between drinking alcoholic beverages and human emotions, this survey does not show clear relationships between alcoholic types and human emotions. On the other hand, the researchers said, "Understanding human emotions related to alcohol consumption prevents misuse of alcohol and provides insight as to what kinds of alcohol consumption is encouraged by human emotions" I describe the importance of research.

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