I tried using a hydraulic power generator "Enomad-Uno" that can charge mobile devices even outdoors

As a propeller hydraulic generator capable of charging mobile devices with the power of water current,BLUE FreedomAlthough I used it, it is easier to carry than the flat UFO type "Blue Freedom"Enomad-Uno"Has appeared."Esteam" who was recruiting investment in Kickstarter in the summer of 2016Was successfully commercialized and renamed, and the real thing finally reached the editorial department. I tried it in the river bed to actually show how much power generation capacity this hydraulic power generator possesses.


Actually turning the propeller with the power of the stream of the river, we can confirm the state of power generation in the following movie.

I took a picture of power generation of a hydroelectric generator "Enomad-Uno" for mobile equipment with GoPro - YouTube

Package is printed with "Enomad-Uno" product on ordinary cardboard.

On the reverse side is written the charging time of "Enomad-Uno" and the power generation standard. Charging time with water current is 5 to 6 hours, it does not seem to be the same as charging time when using AC power supply. If you fully charge "Enomad-Uno", you can charge your smartphone 2 to 2.5 times. By the way, the battery of "Enomad - Uno" is 5600 mAh.

When opening the box, inside the body, first ... ...

Ropes for mooring

Pain for fixing the rope ......

The duct part of the main body.

Duct wing for fixing the duct ......

And there is a cable with a Lightning terminal as a cable for charging mobile devices.

When you unplug the Lightning terminal, the cable of Micro - USB terminal comes out. To charge a terminal equipped with a USB Type-C port, you need to prepare a cable with a USB Type-C connector or a conversion connector separately.

Finally a base cap to use when using "Enomad-Uno" as a light.

Battery is stored in the lower part of "Enomad-Uno" main body, and Micro - USB port and USB port are attached.

Connect to the AC power supply using the Micro-USB cable and adapter and charge. The indicator is glowing red, which indicates that the battery is in the 0% to 40% state. After this, sky blue (40% to 60%) as the charging progresses, blue (60% to 70%), will continue to change with the green (70% to 100%).

There is a "power" button on the bottom, and pressing this ... ...

The light on the top is lit.

If you attach the base cap and the cap part of the body here, you can use it as a simple light.

Next, assemble "Enomad-Uno" for hydroelectric power generation. First, remove the white semitransparent cap of the main body part and attach it to the lower part of the main body.

Open propeller ......

Rotate the knob at the center of the propeller slightly to the left to fix the propeller.

Attach duct wing to main unit ......

Completed installing the duct.

When comparing "Enomad-Uno" assembled for hydroelectric power generation with iPhone X, both the height and the width are one size impression larger than iPhone X.

I actually came to the river bed to check the capacity of hydroelectric power generation. Because it is not because it rained the day before, it is a very gentle river flow.

Hit the river bed and fix it with a mooring rope.

Fix the mooring rope to "Enomad - Uno" and release it.

It looks like I tried with a gentle flow in front of me. The propeller does not move at all and power generation fails.

I tried to generate the hydraulic power generator "Enomad-Uno" for mobile equipment with gentle flow - YouTube

Moving to the upstream side, seeking a place with a little more flow. I found a lovely place, so I decided to try it here.

This time the propeller got around and succeeded in generating electricity. In the movie, you can see how the propeller turns swiftly.

I tried to generate electricity at the torrent of hydroelectric generator "Enomad-Uno" for mobile equipment - YouTube

When you look at GoPro, you can confirm that the indicator of the main unit is shining during power generation.

I took a picture of power generation of a hydroelectric generator "Enomad-Uno" for mobile equipment with GoPro - YouTube

Charge the battery of "Enomad-Uno" for about an hour, return to the editorial department, and try charging the iPhone 6S which is completely out of battery. here,USB simple voltage / current checkerLet's also look at the actual current and voltage using.

The current is 0.91 A.

The voltage was 5.09V.

Immediately after measuring, "Enomad - Uno" battery has run out. iPhone 6S has not recovered, but it seems that charging was possible to the extent that a warning screen of charging is displayed when you press the power button.

Although it seemed that the propeller worked well in torrents, in reality the leaf and garbage tangled and the rotation speed dropped, so in 1 hour it was impossible to generate electricity just to start the iPhone. If it can be installed so that the propeller turns steadily well in a place where there is a certain degree of flowing, it may be used, for example, to set it before going to bed at the camp and to complete the storage in the next morning.

The price of "Enomad-Uno" is 280 dollars per car (about 32,000 yen). At the time of article posting, it seems that delivery to Japan is not accepted.

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