A scientific way to see lucid dreams with the highest probability is found out

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Seeing while aware of being a dream "Lucid dreamThere are things you can control as you want, it will be a pleasure for others, it is also thought to be useful for treatment of PTSD and trauma. A situation in which realistic and effective methods for seeing lucid dreams are hardly established is continuing but the researchers announced a new way to make it possible to see lucid dreams without requiring special external stimuli Did.

Reality testing and the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams: Findings from the national Australian lucid dream induction study.

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Scientists Want to Help You Have Lucid Dreams

While sleeping, I realized that "This is a dream," I can dream and dream of the situation "Lucid dreamAs for research on research in the past, a research team at the University of Frankfurt reports that "a lucid dream will be seen with a high probability by flowing a weak current to the brain through the forehead".

It turned out that it is possible to create the state of a lucid dream by applying electrical stimulation to the brain from the outside - GIGAZINE

Besides this, a headband that will be able to see lucid dreams ... ...

A headband "LUCI" that will guide you to see lucid dreams - GIGAZINE

Eye mask "Neuroon" which performs sleep control including lucid dream induction has also appeared.

"Neuroon" that enables sleeping for 2 hours a day with the world's first sleep control - GIGAZINE

However, in "Neuroon" which was actually commercialized, the lucid dream inducing function is "planned to be added in 2018", and it is also a fact that it is quite difficult to induce a lucid dream. According to studies so far,51% of peopleI have tried to have a lucid dream at least once, but it is a rare experience for many people to experience a lucid dream.

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Meanwhile, a psychologist at the Adelaide University in AustraliaDenholm AspyAccording to Mr. et al. 'S research, it was reported that a method was found to have a high probability and a clear dream without externally intervening lighting or electric stimulation.

The research team of Aspy et al. Carried out the induction of a lucid dream by using the existing three techniques together. One of the techniques is a method called "reality check" in which subjects have consciousness such as breathing in their dreams, the second one wakes up after five hours have passed since sleeping and wakes up for several minutes and then returns to bed "Wake back to bed (WBTB)", the third one wakes up at the time when 5 hours have elapsed like WBTB, before sleeping again "When I next dream, I remember dreaming It is called "Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams" (Luminous dream guidance memory / MILD) "to say many times".

Mr. Aspy conducted experiments on 169 subjects, and the first week recorded how much probability the subjects in normal times see lucid dreams. And in the second week, I tried three groups of subjects on a single group or several combinations over a week. Then, the single most effective one was MILD with a 5-minute awake time, 46% of subjects became able to see lucid dreams, and the reality check alone had a probability of seeing a lucid dream It did not increase it.

Furthermore, when all three techniques were executed, 53% of the subjects had a clear dream during the experiment. At this time, 17% of the subjects said that they succeeded in seeing lucid dreams every night during the period. According to Aspy, this result seems to be the highest record among experimental results that do not involve external intervention such as eye mask that detects REM sleep and puts light in the eyes of people.

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Sleeping medicine expert Rafael Pelayo enrolled at Stanford University said that "It is a good thing for studies on lucid dreams to exist," as far as the research presented this time, 2017 there are not many studies yet, but lively Dreams can be a future research area. In a study that scanned the human brain during a lucid dream, when experiencing a lucid dream, the human brain is in a state of hybrid that combines both "sleeping state" and "awaking state" It is also interesting to know that it is close.

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