It turns out that it is possible to produce the state of the lucid dream by giving electrical stimulation to the brain from the outside

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Humans and other animals sometimes dream while sleeping but you can see yourself appearing in a dream from the perspective of a third party or you can control the story of your dream AboutLucid dreamI call it. A lucid dream is thought to be an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness, and not everyone will experience it, but in a study conducted by a research team of psychologists, a weak current is applied to the brain through the forehead It was revealed that by flowing it can produce a state of lucid dream with high probability.

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This research was conducted in Germany,Johann Wolfgang Goethe UniversityA research team by a psychologist led by Mr. Ursula Boss of the University of Frankfurt. From the past research, the brain wave of a person in a state of a lucid dream is about 40 HzGamma waveAlthough it was clarified that it can be seen, the research team revealed on the contrary that it can create a lucid dream condition by externally giving a stimulus with a weak current equivalent to a gamma wave to the brain did.

In the experiment, subjects of 27 men and women (12 men: 15 females) who had never experienced a lucid dream up to now participated and validated for 4 days. Electrodes are attached to the forehead and temporal part of the subject and stimulate the brain by applying current during sleepTranscranial alternating current stimulation: tACSAnd "dummy stimulation" which does not actually give a stimulus, and the reaction was observed.

The tACS is performed 2 to 3 minutes after the subject enters the REM sleep state and stimulation by the current is given for several seconds through the electrodes. An alternating current having a frequency of 2 Hz to 100 Hz was used as a stimulus given at this time, and the difference in reaction by frequency was verified. Subjects who are stimulated are awakened from their sleep and are interviewed to see what kind of dream condition they were in. Then, it became clear that the subject felt the state of lucid dream with the probability of 3/4 at the stimulation of 40 Hz and at the probability of 1/2 at 25 Hz.

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One of the subjects at the time of seeing the lucid dream given the stimulus was able to control the story of the dream itself as if the subject seemed to be viewing herself from another third party's point of view "I tell you. In addition, it has become evident that it was not affected when stimulation or dummy stimulation was performed at other than these two frequencies.

Experimental results reveal that you can control the state of your dreams from external stimulus, but further investigation seems to be further advanced from now on. When this methodology is established and put into practical use, there is also the possibility that it can be used for treatment such as solving past trauma by controlling the flow of dreams.


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