How fast was Firefox faster than Chrome and IE with "asm.js"?

ByNayu Kim

Firefox 29So, the appearance changed considerably, and the synchronization function "Firefox Sync" became easier to use than useless, and there were many easy-to-understand changes, but besides those, regarding the performance aspect which is the most important point in daily use Also"Asm.js"Improvement has improved considerably, and how much speed has been improved is one of Mozilla's official blogs, the developer of Firefox"Mozilla HacksIt is indicated by.

Asm.js performance improvements in the latest version of Firefox make games fly! ✩ Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Below is a graph showing the results of benchmark tests on Firefox 29, Chrome 34, IE 11 browsers with asm.js using Windows 8.1 PC. As shorter the graph, the shorter the graph, the faster it is understood that it is good performance, and the 2D game physical engine "Box 2 D· 3D game physics engine "Bullet"Script language often used for games"Lua· Data compression library "ZlibYou can see that all of Firefox's flagship is being raised.

Although asm.js is only one of many subset of JavaScript that exists, Unity is on the webEmscriptenBy announcing that it will support each engine with,Launch Unity game on browser without plug inIt has become possible to do.

Actually, how powerful asm.js is actually can be seen by looking at the following movie, and 3D games are moving to Bari Bali without using a special plug-in on Firefox.

Mozilla and Unity Bring Unity Game Engine to WebGL - YouTube

Previously asm.js,Nightly BuildAlthough it was optimized only with Firefox 29, since all users are optimized from Firefox 29, it is possible to obtain a fairly comfortable environment by updating.

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