BBQ to be able to cook bread & steamed dishes with sunlight collecting heat and make bread · Cooking utensil for survival "GoSun Go"

Cooking utensils that can produce various kinds of dishes, such as boiling hot water, baking and steaming, without concentrating on sunlight, if you have an environment that does not have special fuel,GoSun"Series," GoSun Go "that can be carried in a case and easy to carry it has appeared.

GoSun Stove | High Performance Solar Cookers

GoSun Go: Boil Water and Cook Meals with Solar Power by Patrick Sherwin - Kickstarter

Before,A tool that collects sunlight and heats the frying pan "SolSource"Although I have used something, GoSun also has similar ideas.

One of "GoSun" series, "GoSun SportThe appearance of this is like this.

"GoSun Grill"The cylinder for cooking is rather large. It is not suitable for carrying.

New additions there are "GoSun Go". It is compact and features a case and a reflector integrated. Using this reflector, collect sunlight into a central tube, warm it, and cook it.

The size of this case is about this.

With the stand ......

You can also boil water.

With GoSun, it is possible to cook Azatsu cooking without power or fuel if there is sunlight.

A lot of danger by using fuel ... ...

You should not encounter a cooking mistake.

"GoSun Go" is now looking for investment with Kickstarter. The GoSun Go body can be obtained with investment of 99 dollars (about 11,000 yen) or more. Investment deadline is 9 am on 22nd November 2017.

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