The synth sound of masterpiece SF movie "Blade Runner" is like this

One of the indispensable elements of the science fiction movie "Blade Runner" published in 1982 is a Greek musicianVangelisIt is a number of songs composed by. For the workIt is said to be inseparableSometimes soundtracks are made entirely by synthesizers, but they explain how the songs were produced.

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While demonstrating how to make the tone of a song that characterizes "Blade Runner" is described in detail in the music equipment web site "Reverb"Justin Delay, san.

It was Vangelis who said that he was not in charge of music. A Greek-born musician, in addition to Blade Runner, the movie released in 1981Runner of Fire"We received the 54th Academy Award Composition Award on the soundtrack that we provided to.

Such Vangelis's heavy use was made by an analog synthesizer announced by instrument maker Yamaha in 1977CS 80"is. In the synthesizer at that time, it was a model capable of playing chords that only high-end models were able to do, one of the famous aircraft used for a number of musicians by having a wide range of expression. At that time the price of 1,280,000 yen was much higher than that of general cars, and only some musicians could use it, but Vangelis owned seven CS 80s in the studio and did creative activities.

In this movie, some equipment ......

Comment on how to make that sound using a plug-in that reproduces CS 80 on a computer.

In addition, it explains the method of reproducing the music using the sound source built in DAW software "Ableton".

First of all, how to make a main title

The first thing we set when creating the main title tone is the basic waveform called "sawtooth wave". This waveform is often used when making brass or string sounds, and when reproducing the tone, set the two VCOs (oscillators) mounted on the CS80 to sawtooth waves.

At this time, by slightly detuning (shifting) the pitch of both sides, we are plusing the thickness as if played by multiple people.

Next, how to make a strings sound that plays a particularly impressive melody.

Here, multiple sounds are superimposed, the strings sound of CS 80 is in charge of the high melody range of the main melody. And low area, CS 80 synth sound is assigned here as well.

In the movie, switching secrecy of multiple sounds explains the secret of sound making.

Behind the string sound of CS 80 is the code performance by Roland's organ / strings keyboard "RS - 09".

Ableton has a patch "VP330_Dark_Strings" modeled on the sound of this model, and in the movie, it plays the sound and the sound of the patch reproducing the chorus unit and adds the appearance of adding thickness to the song It is done.

Next, the secret of a bass sound that is indelibly carved.

Playing the phrase of the sixteenth note is the work of the sequencer built in the synthesizer.

While watching the numbers displayed on the 7 segments of the sequencer body, type the phrase on the base. After that, if you run the sequencer, it will automatically play phrases.

If you do not have a synthesizer with such a sequencer, if you have the PC's DAW software, you can simply put the performance on the screen.

When reproducing, it is effective to reduce the number of filters and bits to gradually downgrade to low-fidelity sound in order to give a little old-fashioned feeling.

Next is percussion sound including drums

What is used here is a sound source simulating Roland's rhythm box "TR-606". The reason for choosing a machine that is not dared to be a name machine "TR - 808" seems to be because it required a lo - fi sound that is not too high quality.

And there, commonly used in Latin music etc.CabasaPlus a shaka shaka and a minutely phrase. By placing the reverberation (reverberation) and delay in the reverb here, we will create an atmosphere. Besides this, in the movie, I am adding a little processing to the sound of the timpani preset in Ableton and plus it.

Finally, plus "harp" sound that makes you feel the cosmic and future feeling.

Mr. Delay reproduces the part "I like this most" by processing and adding the harp sound used in an orchestra. To the sound of the harp, the effect "Shuwashwa" is producedFlangerI use it by processing it to a mechanical sound which is not a raw musical instrument.

Mr. Delay, who is also a big fan of the movie "Blade Runner", is a honor to be able to make this movie. "I want you to see the new work by all means," he says he wants a sample of the sound source used in the movie to visit the site "Reverb" and get it.

The Synth Sounds of Blade Runner | Reverb News

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