Intel Announces New Chip Series "Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor" for AI

A chip family specially designed by Intel for Artificial Intelligence (AI) "Intel Nervana Neural Network ProcessorWe announced.

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Semiconductor maker Intel has announced a new chip family "Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor" for AI. The Nervana series is a chip family to meet machine learning needs, basically it will be a product for data centers.

Intel 's CPU still has a high share in the data center market, which is said to be 96%. However, the latest AI work is high-load, and NVIDIA and ARM graphic boards and GPUs are suitable for these high-load work, so the demand for these companies' GPUs is rapidly increasing. NVIDIA has focused on the development of AI related technology in recent years and has developed an automatic driving car development unit "NVIDIA Drive PX 2We released thisAdopted for Toyota's automatic driving car developmentIt is also being done. Besides, NVIDIA's high-spec GPU is adopted in many supercomputers because it can process high-speed parallel computations necessary for deep learning and so on at high speed. As a result, NVIDIA's sales have increased by 56% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, in response to Intel's AI related hardware, in August 2016Acquired deep learning related startupIn March 2017, we acquired Mobileye at 1.76 trillion yen for automatic driving car development.

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Furthermore, in September 2016, we purchased a chip manufacturer Movidius, and in July 2017 we announced Movidius Neural Compute Stick, a USB type deep learning terminal that can be purchased cheaply by applying its technology.

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Although Intel does not disclose the details of the Nervana series, Diane Bryant, general manager of the data center department, said, "Intel's Nervana platform has revolutionary performance in training complex neural networks, We expect to realize a dramatic shortening, By 2020, Intel will accelerate innovation on deep learning and aim to improve its performance by 100 times. "

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