"CoinHub" application that can check market prices of major virtual currencies such as Bitcoin in real time

Bitcoin (bit coin)Transactions of "cryptocurrency" (virtual currency) represented by dangerous aspects are rapidly changing, while transactions are fast, fees are cheap and international transactions are made possible. To confirm such virtual currency in real timeDatabaseYasoftIn addition to this, "CoinHub" is a service that allows you to easily check with your smartphone application at hand.


CoinHub's website. This time I will install the iOS version, so tap the orange apple.

Since it transits to AppStore, tap "Get" ... ...

You can install it for free from "Install".

After installation is completed, tap "Open" to launch the application.

On the Home screen of CoinHub application, ETHEREUM · BITCOIN ·LITECOIN·BITCOIN CASHThe market price is displayed in real time. Try "BITCOIN" to try ... ...

I was able to confirm more detailed data.

From "Sharing" under the display of graphs · market capitalization etc., it is possible to share the data you are checking with various SNSs.

There is a link of "News and Talk" at the bottom of the page, which is suitable for accurate information gathering. Talk takes the form of a bulletin board and you can check various opinions on virtual currency.

You can set the currency from the gear mark on the top right of the home screen.

You can change the virtual currency to display by tapping "Overwrite default currency pair" in Display.

Since the list of currencies is displayed, when you tap "USD" at the top ... ...

"Yen" was displayed as "$ (dollar)" was changed.

From the "+" mark next to the gear mark you can change the virtual currency you can see.

In the default virtual currency selection screen, ETHEREUM · BITCOIN · LITECOIN · BITCOIN CASH is checked.

Turn on all the checks in the meantime ...

All currencies have been displayed. Since it is possible to increase or decrease the number, you can display only what you need exactly. If you want to check trends in multiple virtual currencies, "CoinHub" that can acquire information smartly seems to be of great help.

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