"HODLometer" mysterious service that the algorithm predicts when buying or selling virtual currency

For those who repeat trading to raise profit in virtual currency, service to judge and notify at selling time / buying time by algorithm "HODLometer"Has appeared. It is even possible to even buy and sell automatically using the signs of market inversion forecast by the algorithm.

hodlometer.com - FODL or HODL?

In HODLometer graphs show the prices of 10 major virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

"FODL" written next to the virtual currency means "sell" and "HODL" means "keep". Bitcoin is "FODL" at the time of article creation, so if you own Bitcoin, you can either sell it and convert it to cash,Dollar pegIt should be changed to a stable virtual currency like Tether which has little fluctuation in market price. On the other hand, Ethereum is "HODL", so it should be held because there is a sign of a rise in the market.

The graph of HODLometer is drawn with green color at HODL and red color at FODL. For this reason, it is a mechanism that you can earn interest by purchasing virtual currency at the time when the graph becomes green and converting it when red turns into red. On the contrary, if you want to short, you can sell it when it turns red and buy back when you replace green.

It is also possible to examine the past results by hovering over the graph. According to HODLometer's algorithm, we can see 55% profit was raised in Bitcoin's "HODL" section below.

Of course, the algorithm may be out of expectation, and in the "FODL" section below, Bitcoin sold at $ 9590 was bought back for $ 14,464, resulting in a loss.

It is unclear what kind of algorithm HODLometer predicts the virtual currency market, but in "Bitcoin transactions, 147% in the past 307 days", "240% in the past 230 days in the Ripple transaction" "Tron's transaction Then, in the past 232 days 1823% "and the like, the brilliant achievement of the HODLometer algorithm is sung.

In addition, HODLometer said that beta version of the tool to automatically deal with virtual currency will be released soon, informing the change of HODL · FODL. If you are interested, you will be notified if you register e-mail.

Although it does not have any difficulty if you know exactly when the virtual currency is sold or bought at the computer, it is not difficult to make a decision as "Although the virtual currency is a giant hit!", Those seeking some sort of thoroughfare refer to HODLometer It may be good.

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