A site that knows what one can buy with 1 bit coin "How Much is a Bitcoin Worth?"

Virtual currency Bitcoin (bit coin)It is becoming common to see the news on the net or on TV, but there are many people who can understand bit coins somehow, but I can not realize how worthworthy are worth. A site that understands the value of such a bit coin by his wallet sense is "How Much is a Bitcoin Worth?(How much is the value of 1 bit coin?) ". The site uses bit coin price unit BTC, and you can understand the feeling of how much popular products can be bought per unit 1 BTC by one shot.

How Much is a Bitcoin Worth?

How Much is a Bitcoin Worth?It is like this when opening the top page of. In the middle of the page, the transaction price of bit coin is displayed in real time dollar conversion, and under it there is displayed a product image to compare values.

Click "Refresh" on the right to update price information and product image.

The transaction price of the displayed bit coin is the virtual currency information site'scryptocompare.comAlthough it conforms to, the display is a little delayed than the actual rate change.

If you see below the current price of the upper image, "$ 14284.13 (dollar)" (about 159,8500 yen), you can see the changes in the total amount of bit coins traded and the price per day. From the left "24 HOUR HIGH" the highest transaction price per 1 BTC recorded within 24 hours, the lowest trading price per 1 BTC recorded within 24 hours under "24 HOUR LOW", "24 HOUR CHANGE" Below is the price price fluctuating per 1 BTC compared to 24 hours ago, and under the "Market Cap" it is market capitalization (= price of 1 BTC × supply amount of bit coins).

The number of items that can be bought with 1 BTC is displayed in the part "1 BTC could buy (how many pieces can be bought with 1 BTC)" in the upper left of the product picture. In addition, the general selling price is displayed in dollar-denominated part in the "List" part at the lower left of the product photo. As shown below, Nintendo's game machineNintendo SwitchThe price is $ 299.99 (about 33,600 yen), you can see that you can buy 47 units with 1 BTC.

Also, if you convert the price of Nintendo Switch to BTC, you can see that it is 0.020941 BTC per unit.

Clicking the image of the product ......

Move to the same item page of Amazon.com as the product of the image as it is.

Besides this, for example, if the price is $ 149.99 (about 16,800 yen)Sphero Star Wars BB - 8 (Drive / Hologram function) TRAINERIt corresponds to 0.010499 BTC, it is possible to purchase 95 pieces if 1 BTC ... ...

An electric scooter with a little price as $ 1999.99 (22,800 yen) can buy 6 electric cars with 1 BTC.

Product image Click on "Buy Bitcoin using Changelly" on the bottom left ... ...

Sites that exchange virtual currenciesChangelly.comIt is possible to move to and exchange the bit coin and other virtual currency you own.

Click on "Buy Bitcoin using Coinbace" at the bottom right of the product image ......

Bitcoin trading siteCoinbaseYou can move to US dollars and buy and sell bit coins.

When clicking "How Many Bitcoins are There?" At the left end of the top page ... ...

Among the bit coins whose total quantity is defined as "21 million bits coin", how much bit coins are mined (dug up) and how much remains is displayed at that point.

By the way, when the character color of "HowManyEthereumWorth? (1 How much is the value of 1 etalium is)" at the upper right corner of the top page is clicked on the one-word blue character part ......

The page name is "How Much is a Ethereum Worth?",Virtual currency Ethereum (Ethicalam)Converts and displays the site's currency price, item price etc.

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