Clearly that bees feel stressed at work like human beings

byJoshua Hoehne

New research has revealed that human beings are tired of work and feel stress. Just like a human being, I feel stressed at work is not a chimpanzee with 99% of DNA similar to humans, a dolphin with a high intelligence, etc. What a honey bee.

Relationship between brain plasticity, learning and foraging performance in honey bees

Bees get stressed at work too (and it might be caused colony collapse)

There is little healing in the bee's life. Working bees move long distances from flowers every day to collect important resources such as pollen and honey. And while you are traveling a long distance, worker bees will suffer from various dangers, such as protecting you from predators and responding to bad weather. AndLatest researchIt has been found that external stress factors such as predators and bad weather change connectivity between certain neurons in the brain's brain, so that chronic stress affects human mental state . By changing the connectivity between the neurons, it is said that the ability of the bee to pass the problem will decrease.

byPegasus Ma

In the research, radio tags are used to follow individual bees, and it is investigated how the problem solving abilities affect individual collecting activities and so on. First of all, in the research, bees focus on the ability to smell the different flowers indispensable for finding flower nectar and pollen, and measure their ability. Next, we will also measure whether the smell of the flower can be switched when the odor showing the presence or absence of food switches. It is considered an important ability to effectively collect honey and pollen from various kinds of flowers.

As a result of the survey, it was revealed that the honeybees that went on a journey of collection as workers for a long time, or the honeybee who went out on a more harsh collection trip, had a lower ability to remember the smell of new flowers than other bees It is becoming. It is thought that this is caused by being kept exposed to stress such as predators and dangerous environments. If mammals continue to be exposed to stress such as predators and dangerous environments in the same way,Cause learning difficultiesIt has become clear that problems are occurring in bees as well.

byOliwier Gesla

"Collecting nectar of flowers" can be said to be "work" for workers. However, especially for young honey bees, this work is a strong stress. Researchers say that the work that honey bees must do throughout their lives is a great stress and the fact that they exert adverse effects on the brain is surprising.

The research team also identifies changes in the brain structure that influence the learning ability of bees. It has been found that the intensity of collection activity alters the connectivity of neurons between "brain regions used to process odors" and "brain regions related to learning and memory", and in the future Is suggested to possibly be able to predict problem solving abilities of bees simply by looking at the structure of the brain.

By investigating the relationship between honey bees and stressBee group collapse syndromeIt is hoped that it will be able to pinpoint the cause and prevent it from decreasing bees.

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