The movie "Black Panther" in which a hero wearing a black Vivranium suit wears vividly Trailer release

One of Marvel Cinematic Universe series of Marvel's movie series active by Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, etc. "Sybil War / Captain AmericaMovie depicting the success of the new hero showing her appearance from "Black PantherThe trailer of "Hello!

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer - YouTube

"We have seen the" Gods "that fly in the sky, the weapons that I did not expect, the aliens that came down from the sky, but I have never seen such a thing ...". It is CIA's Ross agent who asks "What else is hiding?"

What I was asked was T. Chara. It is the king of Wakanda, the country located in the outback of Africa.

Aircraft going through things like a barrier

Oh Koe who has been serving Ti Chaara

Although it is a messy city street, it can be seen that Wakanda is a country with considerable development.

Soldiers who greet the fallen tea · chara

My son, Ramonda, speaking to Ti · Chara, "My son, the time has come."

Father and former king, Ti · Chaka, died from terrorism occurred in "Civil War / Captain America", and Ti Chala took over the seat of the king.

And we will fight as a hero "Black Panther" wearing a Vivlanium suit.

Ulysses Krau (right), an enemy whose face was also shown on "Avengers / Age of Ultron".

In addition, Eric Kilmonga aims at pursuing Ti · Chara with Kurau.

Just like Tea · Chara, Kill Monga also wears suit.

To be fierce battle ... ....

As a king of Wakanda, Ti Chala fights with his responsibility.

"Black Panther" is released March 1, 2018 (Thursday).

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