I tried comparing "milk seafood noodles" and "seafood noodles made with hot milk"

Received rumor that "making seafood noodles with hot milk is delicious"Nissin developed "milk seafood noodle"Early 10 years ago. "Milk seafood noodle" which became a standard product in winter has celebrated its 10th anniversary, and in the latest version which appeared from October 16 (Monday) 2017 "I feel cheese plus". Together with 10 years, I tried to eat it together with how to upgrade the version, "making seafood noodles with hot milk" which is the starting point.

"Cup noodle milk seafood noodle" (released on 16th October) | Nissin Food Group

So I bought "milk seafood noodles" and "seafood noodles" quickly.

Milk seafood noodle raw materials include skim milk powder and cheese-style fat and oil processed products.

When scooping the lid, the scent of cheese overflowed from the "milk seafood noodle". As you can see, the difference in powder soup is clear.

Milk seafood noodles only pour hot water, but we are going to pour milk into ordinary seafood noodles, so heat milk first.

When it boils, pour it on seafood noodles.

Pour boiling water into "milk seafood noodles" and wait for 3 minutes.

After three minutes opening the lid, the seafood noodle soup was pure white. Although pouring hot milk, although it is a matter of course, it will be shocked by the condition that is not normal anymore.

I will eat "Hot milk made seafood noodles" at once. It is hardness of noodles to understand at the time of putting chopsticks. I think that the water absorption of noodles is different between water and milk, but I did not think there will be a difference until this taste of soup. And after the hardness of the noodles, it is somewhat sour to be concerned. And if you put it in your mouth, not "rich" or "creamy" but a strong "milk" feeling. ...... But I thought "Wow" to the place I put in my mouth. The saltiness of seafood noodle skillfully milk is relaxing, "unexpected" is a rude state of being sick. Unless it is weak at milk, this is enough ant. This time I made all hot milk instead of hot water, but when mixing hot water and hot milk moderately, the noodles became slightly soft and I felt the possibility of becoming more delicious.

Well, I will try again and eat "milk seafood noodles" developed by Nikki. As soon as you open the lid you will see the intense scent of cheese.

Although the soup of the seafood noodle the previous time was pure white, the color of the soup of this "milk seafood noodle" is not white, it is a color reminiscent of butter ramen. Unlike seafood noodle which had hesitant a bit in the first mouth, this appetite will come up here.

Although I tried to eat cheeses even though it contains cheese, it seems that the expression of clam chowder with noodles is better than ramen rather than ramen. The seafood noodle soup made with hot milk was difficult to drink to the end, but those of "milk seafood noodles" also have a high degree of soup completion and can drink gruelly without problems. It should contain skimmed milk powder etc, but it is just as good as a product.

"Cup noodle milk seafood noodle" is 180 yen per tax.

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