Milk seafood noodle also made boiling milk and compared it eaten

Previously introducedNissin "Milk Seafood Noodle"I bought it as soon as it was released. It is not interesting to eat simple seafood noodle, so we decided to make seafood noodle and milk seafood noodles normally made from hot water and even boiled milk respectively. Which combination is the most delicious?

Details are as follows.
Seafood noodles and milk seafood noodles.

The usual seafood noodles, contents are like this.

Milk seafood noodles are full of milk.

Hot milk is ready too.

Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

Completion Milk seafood noodles on the left side row and seafood noodles on the right side. Two in front are those with hot water poured, two in the back pouring milk.

Milk seafood noodles and seafood noodles made normally. There seems to be no big difference in appearance.

It was made from heated milk. The amount of milk was not enough.

When I tried to compare what I normally made with hot water, it was certain that the milk seafood noodles were delicious. It feels like a new seasoned cup noodle has appeared. Altogether the taste has become mellow, ant as a lineup.

And we eat what we made with milk and try to compare. Although it looks a little dragged out, if you put it in your mouth this is good. It is skillfully skillfully milking seafood noodle salt and feeling like eating with white sauce. Milk seafood noodles are even more noticeable, they tasted like gratin. People who like white sauce and milk, I think it is also a blessing to try making with warm milk. People who are not good may get down just by looking.

Milk seafood noodles made with hot water and seafood noodles made from milk are not easy to put on. Milk seafood noodles should have aimed for seafood noodles made from milk, but it was another thing when I finished making it. However, the taste did not get worse, it is delicious as a separate item.

It may be tasty even if you make cup noodles or curry noodles with milk.


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