Israel contributed to elucidating the hacking of Russia who stealed confidential information of NSA

bySebastien Wiertz

It was said that Russian hackers were stolen confidential information of the US government, as a routeKaspersky anti-virus software seems to have been usedIt turned out that Israel contributed to the elucidation.

How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets - The New York Times

Israel Hacked Kaspersky, Caught Russian Spies Hacking American Spies, But ...

The United States and Russia are monitoring each other in reality and the Internet, but at the same time, various measures are taken to obtain even more advantageous information. One of them is the hacking of information.

Wall Street Journal reported on October 6, 2017 that Russian hackers had stolen confidential information of the National Security Agency (NSA) by misusing anti-virus software made by Kaspersky Laboratory That's right.

Russian hacker knocked out NSA's confidential information using Kaspersky antivirus software - GIGAZINE

However, I first heard about this fact that it was Israel rather than the United States.

According to the New York Times, hackers under the Israeli government will invade Kaspersky Lab's network in 2015. At that time, he seems to have reported to NSA that it is working like a spy by Russia. Kaspersky denies involvement, but as a result of the investigation, NSA has decided to stop using Kaspersky Lab products at US government agencies.

The Department of Homeland Security orders the deactivation of Kaspersky products at government agencies concerned about the influence of Russia - GIGAZINE

By the way, at the Kaspersky Laboratory, there is an unauthorized intrusion into the network in the middle of 2015, and when we investigated it reports that we found a new malware "Duqu 2.0". Under Duqu 2.0 is what is called "Duqu" malware, in 2010A cyber attack by a worm aimed at Iran's nuclear reprocessing plant "Stuxnet"It is said to be related. And it was America and Israel who developed this worm. In other words, the Kaspersky Research Institute was saying that it was blurred as "the involvement of a specific state is suspected", but this time it suggested that there was a cyber attack by Israel.

Kaspersky Lab's internal network invades the new malware "Duqu 2.0" - GIGAZINE

Hacker News expresses this aspect as "cold cyber warfare" or "cyber cold war." Simply stating that "Russia stealed confidential information in the US" can not be finished how it will develop in the future and how it relates to the cyber attack that is occurring all over the world, a corner of the head It seems better to put it in.

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