I tried 'Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor' which was a collaboration with that 'Wasa Beef'

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the release of 'Mike Popcorn' and the 30th anniversary of the release of ' Wasa Beef', I tried a limited quantity product 'Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor ' in collaboration with Japan Frito-Lay and Yamayoshi Seika.

Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor | Product Information | Japan Frito-Lay Co., Ltd.


Package of 'Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor'. It is strange that 'Wasacchi', the character of 'Wasa Beef', is drawn on the package of 'Mike Popcorn'.

Wasabi is made in Nagano prefecture.

Other than wasabi, garlic powder, black pepper, and beef extract powder are used.

I opened it immediately and put it on a plate. The left side is 'Wasa beef flavor' and the right side is 'Butter soy sauce flavor'. It looks a little brownish compared to the butter soy sauce flavor, probably because it uses the same powder as wasa beef.

When you eat a pinch, you can feel the taste of wasabi and beef, which is unthinkable from the size of popcorn.

So, I bought the original 'Wasa Beef' and compared it to see how much 'Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor' could reproduce 'Wasa Beef'. 'Mike Popcorn Wasabi Beef Flavor' has a stronger wasabi and beef flavor than the original 'Wasabi Beef', and the tingling stimulus is slightly stronger. However, I don't feel that strong spiciness, so even those who are vulnerable to spicy foods can eat it with confidence.

' Mike Popcorn Wasa Beef Flavor ' will be on sale in limited quantities from October 9, 2017 (Monday) for 105 yen (excluding tax). To commemorate this collaboration, there is also a Twitter campaign where you can get a lottery of Mike Popcorn and Yamayoshi Seika sweets, so if you are interested, please check it out.

Wasa Beef Eating Comparison Campaign | Campaign List | Yamayoshi Seika Co., Ltd.


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