I have eaten super junk food "Potato Chips Burger" etc. sandwiched up to potato chips on meat etc in Lotteria

A hamburger that sandwiches potato chips instead of meatIs sold at "Calby Kitchen", but Calbee and Lotteria collaborated and both meat and potato chips were caught "Potato chips burgerTwo species have appeared from Friday, July 24, 2015. At the same time, four types of "Furu Pote" which can be enjoyed with the flavors of various potato chips of Calbee were also released, and we have eaten all the products that are likely to dominate at the top of junk food.

~ Collaboration of Miracle with Calbee 'Potato Chips' with Popular Items of Lotteria ~ 'Potato Chips Burger' Limited release from July 24 (Fri) 2015!

I came to Lotteria.

Discovered that potato chips burger is announced with decadeca and poster

Various fry pots newly released as well as potato chips burger can be attached to the set.

That's why I bought it. We ordered "exquisite cheese potato chips burger" and "salad chicken potato chips burger" ...

"Consomme W punch flavor", "rich thick horse salt flavor" "deep glue salt flavor" "beef and wasabi flavor".

First of all, try out the best cheese potato chips burger from the bag and it looks like this.

On top of Patty is a crispy potato chip.

I try to eat what kind of texture is the combination of soft soft burger patty and potato chips.

When you hit a burger, "Bari Balari!" Sounds like a rough hamburger sound. Crisp potato chips and juicy patty are junk piled junk but not bad combination. I also heard the special pepper peculiar to Cheese Burger. It is unknown whether it was not in or not, but it was not felt exquisite cheese burger sauce at all.

It is ant to take out only chips and eat. Potato chips with cooked crisp cookies are luxurious flavors that can not be reproduced with what you bought at convenience stores.

Next I will eat salad chicken potato chips burger.

Inside besides potato chips, lettuce, onion, tomato and sliced ​​chicken are contained.

The picture chicken should have been a little bit thick, but it is like a ham chicken.

There is no tether like cheese and it is hard to eat as it is with hand, so it seems better to eat salad chicken potato chips burger in a bag.

If you try to bite it as it is, the delicious food texture is the same as Bali Bali, but the consommé W punch sauce is working well, but the ingredient salad is very sweet. If chicken is as thick as patty it may have been satisfactory to eat.

Consomme W punch sauce is plenty filled with potato chips. When eating alone, it felt just like Calbee 's potato chips as it was.

Next I will eat 4 kinds of pot paste. Each seasoning looks something like this.

Furry pot is not thick-cut potato chips, it is usual shoe string potato.

The seasoning contains fine powder, and glue etc. are included depending on the flavor.

Sprinkle seasoning on potato at first ... ...

Shakashaka holding a bag.

First of all, from "potteric thick rice salmon salt" and "potato chips consomme W punch".

As you see nearby, the colors are different, you can see that the seasoning is getting fuzzed firmly.

"Concentrated horse salt" is a fragrance of seafood series why, I feel tasty umami taste firmly when I try it. It is a bit different taste from everyday fried potatoes.

Consommé W punch is just like touching Calbee's taste to French fries as it is. Because the material is potato rather than potato chips, you can taste luxurious junk food than usual.

In addition, "potteric thick deep salty salted" and "potteric beef and wasabi taste".

You can see that a thick paste salty on the left has plenty of paste.

First of all it is a thick paste salty taste. Unlike ordinary paste salad, sesame oil is a flavorful flavor, which makes it look like Korean paste.

The last beef and wasabi flavor, along with the beef taste, wasabi's flavor was working well and was finished in a Japanese style french fries.

In addition, all prices are tax included, "Exquisite cheese potato chips burger" is 420 yen separately, potato M set is 770 yen. "Salad chicken potato chips burger" is 390 yen for single item, 740 yen for potato M set. Five pots are separately 300 yen each. Also, from August 3 (Monday) at convenience stores etc. "Potato chips Lot teria excellent cheeseburger tasteIt is also good to try both because it is said that it will also appear.

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