The logic that 'possession of a gun brings peace of mind in the area' reveals a situation conflicting with reality

ByDavid Blackwell.

In the United States, which is regarded as the world's leading gun society, possession of a gun is the right itself, possession is allowed in many states for self defense. The idea underlying it is "to protect peace by having a gun", but it seems clear that the logic does not hold from actual statistics.

More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes, Evidence Shows - Scientific American

In the United States, 36,000 people are killed by guns in the year 2015. This figure is almost the same as the number of deaths due to annual traffic accidents, and even thinking that a case of legitimate defense for self defense is included, let me feel how the gun robs many people's lives I will.

It is inevitable that military possession of guns is accepted in the immigrant state, America. It is regarded as the basis for the possession of a gun in the United States,Revision Article 2"The disciplined militia is necessary for the security of the free nation, so the right of the people to possess and hold weapons must not be violated." In the past, it is said that in the days when protection by the military was not sufficient, possession of weapons such as guns as a means of self-defense has been accepted as a right, but it is said that it was established in the 18th century The fact that Tako's sentence shows its presence even in the 21st century society gives a really complicated impression.

Even in such a United States, among the people there are two voices against and against approval of the possession of a gun. The "National Rifle Association" (NRA) is leading the public opinion as the leading edge of the proponents. NRA has a strong financial capability, and based on this, lobbying for politicians, we have continued crafting the environment where gun society can continue for the future.

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Logic claimed by the acceptance school of guns such as NRA says, "Even if there is a bad guy, I stop stopping bad things if I know that the other person has a gun." In other words, even though there are some people who are planning to do something bad, this theory is that the opponent will have a risk of getting a counterattack with a gun, but from some statistical data this theory does not hold It is said that it is highlighted. Based on the data of FBI and the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2015 paper analyzed by Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University shows that between areas where guns are spreading and areas that are not, violent acts using firearms It is clear that there is an opening of 6.8 times the maximum rate of occurrence. In other words, the more guns are spreading, the more tendencies are gun attacks.

Also, according to an analysis that combines 15 different studies, there is also a result that the probability that a person who is in a state where a gun is present at home can be obtained at any time, is about twice as likely to be involved in a murder case He said that he knew it. This includes not only cases of "killed by someone" but also cases of suicide by using a gun themselves. Although it can not be said that "There is a gun, it is not possible to increase suicide", but it is certain that there is a situation where hands reach the gun as a means to do it.

Although the purpose of "possession of a gun for self defense" is often raised, it has also been found that there are not many cases actually used for self defense. It is said that the idea that it often speaks "The idea that if you think that there is a gun in the house, you do not think that you will introduce robbery" also does not indicate the actual condition of guns and crimes.

When interviewed the inhabitants of Georgia state that the possession rate of gun was high, it was said that there was a lot of voices that we do not think that violent acts will increase due to the presence of guns. Rather, the situation that violent acts first and that there is a gun beside them is also exacerbating the situation. Scientific American Melinda Wenner Moyer, who created the article and made an article, though it is difficult to find a simple answer because the circumstances surrounding the gun and the statistical data are diversified, "the gun is reducing crime and violence He said that he strengthened his willingness to reach the answer that he is getting worse rather.

In the slogan named by the NRA there is a thing called "guns do not kill people, people kill people" (Guns do not kill people, people kill people). However, it is also said that it is said to be "guns do not kill people, people kill people with guns" by ganging this phrase "The gun does not kill people, people are killing people with guns." From such a point, it is felt that the existence of guns is heavy in American society.

It is also clear that the first place in the use of guns used in the United States in 2008 is "how suicide" it was.

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