The root of the American drug problem is the black market, rather that the opinion that drugs should be legalized

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Drugs, stimulants etc in the USAThe market size of illegal drugs is $ 60 billion(Approximately 6 trillion 200 billion yen) or more, and crackdown on illegal drugs has been regarded as the most important task of successive regime. However, it is argued that the illegal drug problem in the United States lies not in the harmfulness of the drug but in the existence of a black market that trade drugs in the darkness.

America Has a Black-Market Problem, Not a Drug Problem - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic

Secretary of State John Kelly made a report on the Senate Armed Services Committee that the necessary resources for crackdown on illegal drugs were missing. According to it, only 20% of drugs flowing from Colombia to the United States can be blocked by the crackdown, and the remaining 80% are entering the United States as it is now, conducting more effective crackdown In order to do so, 16 Secretary of State Kelly appealed that 16 coast guards could deploy a helicopter capable of tracking and capturing small boats used for trading.

But,The AtlanticConnor Fridersdorf criticizes this demanding budget request by Secretary of State Kelly. Mr. Fridersdorf said that even though spending hundreds of billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) annually over many years has not been successful, we must not hide annoyance to further investment Thing.

Secretary of State Kelly positions narcotic warfare with cross-border criminal organizations as a national security problem for several reasons, Mr. Fridersdorf said the problem of drug warfare is that the huge black market exists in the United States It is a fundamental cause and I refute that the problem will not be solved without this solution. And in order to eliminate the black market it is argued that legalization of drugs etc. is an effective hand.


For the assertion that Secretary of State Kelly "The spread of the crime network will compromise the consistency of the democracy system and exacerbate relationships with partner countries", "To the point that the black market can not make a huge profit in the first place, If it comes to drug networks will surely shrink, "he argues that we should tackle the black market which is the root. Also, against the assertion that "illegal transactions of drugs pose a direct threat to American public health, safety, and border guards", the money flowing to drug smugglers decreases as the black market disappears, smuggling itself We are reducing it.

Fridersdorf said that if there are legitimizing drugs such as drugs, some people may abuse drugs or become addicts, but they say that the lives of people robbed by drug-trafficking gang organizations will definitely diminish , If the drug is legalized, it states that there is no need to devote less resources to crackdown.

Drug law legislators like Mr. Freidath Dorf said that as long as drugs are banned by law it is inevitable that huge profits will be gathered in the black market, reviewing the prohibition law and following the past history of lifting alcohol Therefore, taking legalization of drugs firmly and firmly managing it has taken the view that profits are great when viewed by society as a whole.

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Whether it is better to prohibit narcotics thoroughly or whether to legalize is not a simple problem, but since January 2014, marijuana was legalized in Colorado State, such as steering to legalization at the state level An attempt has been made to break the drug and it seems to be a touchstone for asking whether to legalize drugs.

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