There is a report that online pirated software does not have a negative influence on contents sales, but the European Commission leaves without announcing it

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The European Commission asks the German consulting firm to investigate the impact of piracy in 2014 and in May 2015 there is no evidence to support "online copyright infringement will change content sales" Although the report was issued, the European Commission was making a choice not to "announce" this result,Pirate partyHe is a member of the European Parliament and a member of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection CommitteeJulia LedaIt was made clear by lawmakers.

Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU
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Estimated displacement of copyrighted content in the EU - a Freedom of Information request to Secretariat General of the European Commission -

German consulting company ·Ecorys"Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU (estimation of copyright content displacement rate in EU)" is over 300 pages report, "The survey results are on-line It does not support statistical evidence that content sales will change due to copyright infringement.This is not that it has absolutely no influence on pirated version, but in statistical analysis "it is influential" It means that it can not be proven with certainty, except for the latest top movies, which showed a displacement rate of 40%, which was among the top 10 most popular films It means that the 4 works are viewed in an illegal way rather than a legitimate way. "

However, the European Commission who received the report in 2015 did not announce the contents of this report, he said that he had not seen the sun until he got the report. The European Commission has paid 360 thousand euros (about 48 million yen) to Ecorys for the investigation and Rep. Leda said, "The conclusion of the report is not unique, it is consistent with the past research, but why the European Commission Whether you made a choice not to publish your research for about two years while the party pays a lot of money, "the question remains."

The crackdown of pirated editions is based on the idea that "the existence of pirated copies has a negative influence on the contents protected by copyright", but in the past, "the box office revenue of a movie after the closing of the pirate movie site It is also known that the result of the investigation that "the existence of copyright is not impeding the spread of books but on the contrary is impeding" was reported.

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Leda initially thought that "the European Commission has simply forgotten the existence of the report", but as a result of the investigation, many evidence suggests that "the European Commission adapts to their agenda I made a choice to deliberately ignore the research results in order to do ". In 2016 the European Commission published an article on the relevance between sales of huge hits movies and illegal downloads of movies, but the research included in the research underlying this article "Negative for music, e-books and games The influence has not been confirmed. "" Regarding the game, rather it has not announced the content that positive influence was confirmed. " Also, even though Leda urged the disclosure of information, even though the deadline was never broken, Leda also considers that the European Commission intentionally keeps information private .

The European Commission has announced a draft amendment to the copyright law which obliges service providers to implement copyright infringement filters. I do not know how the results of this survey will affect such movements, but Leda said, "Even if there is not a person actively seeking information disclosure, the European Commission will make all such data It should be made public to people. "

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