Marijuana may cause periodic dystonia


Marijuana which is banned in many countries and areas but is being used as a medical item. Research has not progressed because the use of marijuana was banned by law and the scientific point of view has not been clear yet about the efficacy, but it is possible that "marijuana causes periodic drowsiness" Sex is emerging.

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Katie Heaney, a writer, grew up with marijuana as he grew up receiving educational program "Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE / drug abuse prevention education)" against junior high school and high school, against drug use A person who has come. Although he drinks at the time of college student, Heiny who refused the marijuana advised from the roommate hardly, but at the age of 24 he was severely hurt by a man and got into a bad mood, I came to suck marijuana only when mental is sinking. However, he reads sentences related to "Periodic Emetic Disease (CVS)" and again fears against marijuana.

Periodic eating disorder is a symptom that causes recurrent episode of seizure for a period of several hours to several days, the cause is not clearly understood, but psychological stress, temperature, erosion, fatigue, migraine, etc. It is considered as a factor. Many patients are children, but in recent years adult patients have also increased. And it is said that the use of marijuana is suspected as the cause of the increase of adult CVS patients.

A paper published in 2012According to it, the use rate of marijuana in male CVS patients is said to be 40 to 50%. Marijuana users to repeat the vomiting "CannabinoidAlthough it is sometimes called "emesis (CHS)", the symptoms of CHS and CVS are "clinically very similar", CHS is a kind of CVS, the difference between them is "stop using marijuana Some researchers think that only symptoms stop "at times.

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How much marijuana users are involved in CVS? Heiny consulted with Robert Gratter, a physician at Lennox Hill Hospital. Dr. Gratters says he has seen severe and chronic marijuana users who have symptoms of abdominal painful vomiting, before being known by researchers that they have a relationship between CVS and marijuana. However, because it was not recognized what it is, CVS seems to have an underestimated aspect. The chemical substance called cannabinoid contained in marijuana is also used as an antiemetic agent in cancer chemotherapy, and pharmacologically it is thought that there is a function to stop nausea. As a result, it is delayed to notice that there is a relationship between the use of marijuana and emesis, but in fact, ingesting high capacity cannabinoids causes symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

According to Doctor Gratters, in many cases, marijuana users coming to the hospital complaining of the symptoms of CVS are taking marijuana 3 to 5 times a day on average for 15 to 16 years . However, because the cause of CVS is still at the research stage, it seems that we can not say with certainty that "long-term use of high marijuana causes CVS". Why is some people more likely to be CVS than others? Metabolize marijuana about thatCytochrome P450There are also studies that the enzyme system has alteration on the gene.


However, since the use of marijuana in the United States is illegal in some states, CVS patients do not want to disclose information, so many physicians do not know about the definite cause and the relation between CVS and CHS.

However, for marijuana users who have symptoms of vomiting, Doctor Gratter calls out "Please stop using marijuana." Marijuana users who have symptoms of vomiting are rare cases, but many of them are chronic marijuana users. Taking a shower will temporarily improve the symptoms, but as long as you do not stop marijuana you will visit the hospital once every three to four months, Dr. Gratter says.

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