People who say "I could quit smoking more easily" may be caution, it may be the initial symptom of lung cancer

Is not it that there are many smokers who doubt the physical disorder when feeling "Some cigarettes are not delicious today"?

Despite having experience of quit smoking many times in the past, someone who says, "For now, smoking came out successfully without particularly hardships", "I did not want to suck nature and tobacco and I did not know before" , It may be better to visit a check-up once before being happy to be able to quit smoking easily.lung cancerMany patients have successfully quit smoking without stopping smoking spontaneously a little before receiving a diagnosis of lung cancer, it is the fact that the person who smoked for a long time does not smoke cigarettes suddenly smoked in the early stage of lung cancer It seems to be a symptom.

Details are as below.Finding It Easy To Quit Smoking Could Be An Early Symptom Of Lung Cancer

Thomas Jefferson UniversityAccording to a study by Professor Barbara Campling, who specializes in internal medicine oncology, many patients who smoked for a long time before being diagnosed with lung cancer but who had been smokers for a long time, smoked before other symptoms of lung cancer came out It is said that it is. It seems that it is thought that spontaneous smoking cessation is an early symptom due to some mechanism involving lung cancer, not due to symptoms that make smoking difficult, such as chronic cough and shortness of breath. Thesis isJournal of Thoracic OncologyIt is published in the March issue of the magazine.

"It is widely known that many lung cancer patients have stopped smoking before being diagnosed.This findings have been tidied up that patients have ceased tobacco as they have symptoms such as coughing so far "Professor Campling says. "In this study, it became clear that the majority of lung cancer patients who quit smoking before the diagnosis had quit smoking before the symptoms of lung cancer appeared.In addition, I have had experience of quitting smoking many times in the past Nevertheless, it turned out that there are many patients who were able to quit smoking without any difficulty before the diagnosis of lung cancer, and it is considered that voluntary smoking cessation was the initial symptom of lung cancer in some cases. "

Professors Campling et alPhiladelphia Veterans Affairs Medical CenterAs a result of interviews with 115 patients with lung cancer (all smokers), 55 (48%) had stopped smoking before being diagnosed with lung cancer, and among them experienced symptoms of lung cancer before smoking cessation There were only 6 people (11%). Also, patients who quit smoking prior to lung cancer also relied on nicotine as well as those who had sucked in, but 31% of patients who quit smoking reported that they could quit smoking without feeling any difficulty at all.

For comparison, I have smoked and quit smoking before diagnosing a disease or before experiencing a seizureProstate cancerWith patientsMyocardial infarctionAs a result of interviews with experienced people, the median of the period from smoking cessation to diagnosis was 2.7 years for lung cancer, 24.3 years for prostate cancer and 10 years for myocardial infarction, lung cancer patients are diagnosed "immediately before" There is a tendency to quit smoking on the cigarette, indicating the relationship between lung cancer and smoking cessation.

Researchers speculate that 'spontaneous smoking cessation' by lung cancer patients is considered to be the earliest symptom of lung cancer, and components that inhibit nicotine dependence may be secreted from the tumor.

It is not that "people sucking cigarettes suddenly cease to become cancer", "rather than" It is possible that a person who succeeded in quitting suddenly though it was a heavy smoker for many years, did not want to smoke as a symptom of cancer Because it is said that it is said that smokers do not wait for the day when cigarettes gets bad, but that people who quit smoking today will also reduce health risks.

Knowing the possibility that this "voluntary smoking cessation" is the initial symptom of lung cancer by the smoker himself or his / her family may lead to early diagnosis of lung cancer.

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