"A.T. field cookie" "Takkoin cookie I went to the 3rd New Tokyo City" etc. Taste review

It started from June 2009"Evangelion × Hakone Town"As part of the project,"Third New Tokyo City Souvenir"I bought all kinds by saying that it is on sale.

"Third New Tokyo City Souvenir" packed with souvenirs incorporating Evaneta as a result of devising anything, such as cookies that incorporated Eva with all the creativity, but what kind of products are each of them?

That's why the review of all kinds of "The 3rd New Tokyo City Souvenir" is from the following.SPECIAL FEATURE | "Hakone Full Mountain" Travel Theme Park Hakone - Hakone Tourist Information Portal Site

"Chocolate in cookie I went to the 3rd New Tokyo City". Package design which treated boldly too thick straight naming in tomorrow morning is impressive.

As the "Third New Tokyo City Terminology Dictionary", commentary on "Special Affair Nerv," "EVA," "MAGI," "The 3rd New Tokyo City" is written.

Raw material display of chocoin cookie etc. It is somehow surreal that the product name is "I went to the 3rd New Tokyo City".

The lid is closed with a seal in a ribbon style.

Cookies are individually wrapped. The package design is silver and black and a bit stylish.

Here is the main body of "chocolate in cookie I went to the 3rd New Tokyo City".

When I cut it in half, there was plenty of chocolate paste inside. Cookies are soft as hokuhoku, chocolate paste is a rich chocolate taste. With the taste of an elegant atmosphere, this also has become a high quality as a sweet item.

By the way, the paper of the package can be taken out, and the illustration beside the central Nerv mark and the term dictionary can be used as a sticker.

"Entry plug print cookie" (left) and "Entry plug crunch chocolate" (right)

It is seen from behind. The can simulate the shape of the entry plug.

Viewed from the top.

The raw material display etc of the print cookie is stated on the back side of the can. It is said to be 10 cans per can.

The round part of the tip was a lid, and when removed it contained cookies individually wrapped.

In the package of individual packaging "EMERGENCY" mark is designed.

There are two kinds of prints, this is the mark of Nerv.


Of the ten sheets, Nerf 's mark was 7, EMERGENCY mark was 3. The taste is buttery flavored cookie ahead of sweetness. It feels nostalgic somehow with a simple taste.

Let's open a chocolate crunch as well.

This is also a package of EMERGENCY mark pattern.

The chocolate crunch has plenty of chocolate covered in cheeky cornflakes, it feels a little luxurious. It can be enjoyed enough as a sweet.

Raw material display of chocolate crunch. Here is one can of 8 pieces.

"A.T. field cookie." I also feel like somehow I can imagine the figure from the product name.

Raw material display etc on the back side.

It seems to be using white chocolate and milk chocolate.

The box is a bit luxurious making, and on the back side when opening the lid the scene where the first machine attacks the apathy A.T. field is designed.

Nerv mark with a sticker.

Package of individual packaging is the first machine and NERV mark.

Here is the real "A.T. field cookie".

It seems that it is swirling somehow, although it feels slightly different from the image of the A.T. field, it is a strange looking cookie.

When I cut it in half, there is milk chocolate inside. Overall a slightly moist texture, the cookie particles feel very fine. Although the taste of chocolate is not strong, it has a sense of unity in harmony with cookies well.

Taste review including "Alarm apostle's attack" and "Noun phrase best select cookie" that enveloped the eight apostles of Eva in candy - GIGAZINE

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