"E-TYPE ZERO" which converted Eagle Jaguar E type which was said to be "the world's most beautiful car" reigns to the present age

A sports car released by British car maker · Jaguar in 1961E typeIs one of classic classic cars popularized by beautiful body lines shaped like streamlines, and the founder of prestigious Ferrari Enzo Ferrari praised as "the most beautiful car ever made" It is about a model. Such E type, by 2020I announced that all cars will be electricizedJaguar Land Rover converted to electric car (EV) completely using the original car body "E-TYPE ZEROWe announced.


Jaguar's E-type Zero is the most beautiful electric car yet - The Verge

E-TYPE ZERO was born in "Retrofit" to attach the latest drivetrain to the original old car body. The appearance maintains a classic style almost unchanged from the original, but its heart has been replaced with the latest technology.

In the bonnet that contained the in-line 6 cylinder · 4.2 liter XK engine, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 40 kWh is stored for EV conversion.

The battery unit is designed to be the same size and weight as the original XK engine. Furthermore, at the place where the gearbox was settled, a motor with an output of 220 KW (about 300 ps) was placed, and its weight is equal to that of the original gearbox. As a result, it is said that countermeasures are taken to keep the exercise performance by making the weight of the power unit which occupies the major part of the vehicle weight the same as the original, and at the same time, measures that do not require large structural modifications such as reinforcement of the car body is. As a result of EV conversion, the weight of the car is 46 kg lighter than the original, but since the weight distribution before and after does not change, Jaguar Land Rover is serious.

The EV control unit seems to be contained under the floor of the trunk.

E-TYPE ZERO to show a flowing elegant style. Most of the exterior is still original, but there is a part that is retrofitted in contemporary style even if you move your eyes inside the car.

Panels around the driver 's seat are re - tailored to a refreshing contemporary style. It is quite an interesting place that the jog dial that was not thought in the 1960s is in the center console.

Insert the old formula Yukashi (?) Key and turn the ignition ......

Information is displayed on the meter panel which is converted to a liquid crystal type. The meter on the left is the vehicle speed, and the right meter is not the engine speed but a power meter that represents the output of the motor.

By being on EV, when opening the fuel lid there is a connector for charging. SAE J1772 charging socket for normal charging is installed, but European standard corresponding to fast charge "Combined charging system (combo)It is a pattern of not loading.

The vehicle that became the base is using the body called "series 1.5" or "series 1 1/2" even among the E types in which there are multiple types. Modern LED headlamps are mounted under the transparent headlight cover that should not be attached to this generation's model.

In addition, E - TYPE ZERO 's cruising range is 270 km and discreet. Also, 0-100 km / h acceleration is 5.5 seconds. It seems to be good to run while inquiring about the old 6th engine, but it seems that this cruising suits this car with an ultra smooth motor. Jaguar Land Rover holds this E-TYPE ZERO in London from September 8 to 10, 2017Jaguar Land Rover Tech FestWe are open to the public at the venue.

In the following movie, you can see a few scenes where E - TYPE ZERO is actually traveling.

Jaguar | E-type Zero - YouTube

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