Real car size Ferrari F1 machine "SF70H" reproduced with 340 9911 LEGO blocks

Speaking of the Lego block from the palm-sized miniatureTable size car modelAlthough it is a toy that everyone who can also make can make, how much a movie that made Ferrari's F1 machine on the same 1/1 scale as the real thing is released.

Life size version Ferrari SF70H - LEGOSpeedChampions - Timelapse - YouTube

Although it is a Lego block which can be played easily, in the production of this time it starts from the design using a computer.

Detailed creation is done using 3D CAD.

It seems that the state of designing in one block unit is playing with Minecraft.

Once the design is completed, I will create a plan to assemble this time.

In actual production, it is a pattern that puts a metal frame inside and assembles the car body.

When the plan is decided, the assembly using the Lego block actually started.

The metal frame which was visible in the design drawing is installed first and the blocks are stacked so as to surround it.

Remove the block from the basket classified by color / shape ... ...

Attach the adhesive to the bottom part.

And petit on the car body. In addition to being able to be assembled according to all the plans, there seems to be a problem of strength when it is just this size, so it seems that it is stuck with an adhesive.

The total number of LEGO blocks and special parts used for production was 340,991 1.

The total weight can reach up to 567 kg. The white hose hanging at the assembly site apparently seems to be an air conditioning facility for sucking out the volatile components of the adhesive and exhausting it.

The time required for assembly was 750 hours.

The time including development can reach 840 hours.

If you build up so far, you can see that it has a shape that is almost the same as a real F1 machine.

Finally, put the block on the top of the roll bar ......

When fixed with "plastic" with a plastic hammer ......

"It's done!"

To the last finish, paste the sponsor's logo with a sticker.

Sponsoring the Ferrari F1 team, pasting Ray Ban and Hublot logo ......

Petat the top shell of the supplier's shell to the monocoque.

After sticking a Ferrari seal on the handle ......

It is completion of LEGO F1 machine "SF70H". Although it looks only to the real F1 machine from a distance perspective ... ....

As you approach, you can see that the level difference on the surface is visible and it is made of LEGO.

A handle full of many switches was also reproduced brilliantly.

It is Ferrari's F1 machine (?) Which is unmistakenly drawn with the scuderia · Ferrari logo and the crest of the splashed horse.

The rear wing inclined to Naname is reproduced as it is.

It also reproduces the complicated shape of the front wing which is designed using fluid dynamics.

Lego's F1 machine that looks exactly the same as the real thing from anywhere is exactly a professional skill.

"If you want to make LEGO but you want to make as many as 340,000 blocks as expected ... ...", the 2016 model "SF 16-H" of Ferrari F1 in the LEGO "Speed ​​Champion" seriesIt is lineupIt is safe (?) Because it can be purchased around 2000 yen.

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