The handshake of the Victorian era had rules different from the modern handshake

byVincent Diamante

When saying greetings of the people of the 19th century, one bow that pulls one leg diagonally behind, another bends the knee of one foot, and lowers his head "CourtesyThere should be some people who think of it. However, even in the Victorian era "handshake" was recognized as a method of greeting. However, at that time, it was said that there was another rule that was different from the current handshake.

The Etiquette of the Victorian Handshake: Advice on Opposite Sex Greetings | Author Mimi Matthews

As the rule of handshake during the Victorian era, the most different way from today is the way of shaking hands between men and women. According to "The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Etiquette" published in 1877, at that time, it was said that women should hand out handshakes between men and women. Also, in the book "Manners and Rules of Good Society" published in 1898, "Whether a woman should shake hands or not is who the woman was introduced to , It depends on who was introduced the woman.In case lightly introduced to a whole person, the woman should not shake hands with the other person ".

Furthermore, "A woman does not shake hands unless the introduced man is obviously an older or prominent figure. If a man in front of her is a husband or brother of a woman on the side, respond to a handshake Although it is natural, if a man did not know a man, it is not a good manners. " However, the hostess was not limited to this, and even if the guest was a man or a woman, it was said that he must shake hands with all the guests.

Also, it was important not only to say "Whose hand should be held" but "How to hold hands". Eliza Duffey, author of The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Etiquette, wrote that "French people bring out the left hand closer to the heart, but the right hand is preferable as a hand to hand out." Also, the hand was presented at a somewhat higher position called the parallel line with the chest, although it was grasped by the fingers, it seemed that it was better not to grasp or touch the palm. However, it is controversial whether there was a type of handshake exchanging only fingers actually, and there are also manners books that say "You should hold hands firmly". Also, importance is given to exchanging eyes when shaking hands, and by watching eyes while firmly shaking hands, it is said that "you are now handshaking the owner of a warm heart" It is.

And because the people of the Victorian era had a preference for hot and moist palms, there was a rule "to shake hands after removing the glove", "However, if the palm is still moist, There was also an exception called Yoshi.

On the other hand, if you hold your hand with too strong a force or if your action waving your hand is too strong, you can also be regarded as "thoughtless". It is considered as "unreliable" if the force is too weak, the movement gets stuck, or is directed to the back of the shoulder rather than the opponent's eyes, so even if you say a handshake quite a bit It seems I needed a detailed care.

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