What is the background of handshake gaining social status as a greeting?

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In Western society handshake is one of greetings exchanged not only with same sex but also between opposite sexes. However, unlike "bowing" or "bowing", "handshake" where part of the body touches has a different meaning in the past in the past. How did you get a social position as a greeting by handshake, one of the colleges that make up the University of LondonRoyal HollowayPenelope J. Corfield, who has served as a lecturer and has written numerous contemporary sociology books, reveals the details.


In the UK from the 18th century to the 19th century, it is impossible for men and women who are not deeply involved to shake hands as greetings. Therefore, the handshaking handshake handshake was more significant than just a greeting.William ShakespeareThe book "Romeo and Juliet"In the scene where Romeo takes the hand of Juliet and dances, Juliette will come up with a passage that thinks that" hand and hand touching each other seems to be a holy kiss. "

Also, in the wedding of the same era, in order to express love and trust of each other in such a way that the bride and groom could see each other in a visible form, there was a case of taking a hand in front of a large number of relatives gathered. To take and grasp the opponent's hand at the wedding ceremony means that the two are in the ultimate trust relationship. In other words, shaking hands between men and women has socially played a role as an autograph indicating that the two are deeply involved.

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In the UK from the 18th century to the 19th century, a handshake with commercial meaning begins to spread. Commercial handshake is to shake hands when a sales contract is concluded. "The act of shaking hands when a sales contract is concluded means that even if there is a difference in social position or rich and poor among the seller and the buyer, it will be an equal relationship when a sales contract is concluded "Said Corfield. This is like etiquette and is one of the continuing handshakes in modern times.

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In such circumstances, in England little by little "handshaking meaning of greeting" begins to percolate. However, a handshake with a meaning of greeting is passed among middle class people, and the upper class people seemed to continue to stick to greetings such as "bow" and "bisho." Meanwhile, handshake did not spread among the working classes. The reason why the handshake did not spread was mainly because there was a reason that "the hand got dirty due to work relationship."

In the United Kingdom who did not prevail in the UK, it was a "handshake as a greeting", but in the United States after independence it spread all at once and became a representative of social greetings. After that, even in the UK, shaking hands firmly build a position as a social greeting among people of the upper class who respect the wearing of hats. However, in the twentieth century a new assassin from Britain greeted from France beyond the sea. It is a thing to kiss a cheek as a greeting. In the modern UK it seems that both "handshake" and "kiss" are recognized as social greetings.


In Japan, we shake hands when contracting for negotiations etc, shake hands before sports game, idle hold handshake society, handshake with meaning other than greeting is done, Speaking of greetings in Japan, bowing is the mainstream, and I do not know at all whether the day when handshakes will take the place of bowing will come.

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