'Deep Learning', the definitive edition of deep learning books, published online in advance to improve Japanese translation

About the Japanese translation version of the book ' Deep Learning ' by

Ian Goodfellow , Yoshua Bengio , and Aaron Carville , who are known as deep learning masters, 'To make it a better translation. Therefore, in order to reflect opinions and suggestions, advance online publication is being carried out.

Deep Learning (Japanese translation version)
http://www.deeplearningbook.me/ (End of publication)

'Deep Learning,' also known as the 'final edition of books on deep learning,' can be read in full on deeplearningbook.org , a bound book version was released in 2016, and an e-book (Kindle) version is also available. I am.

Amazon.co.jp: Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series): Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville: Foreign Books

Currently, the Matsuo Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, which is conducting research on artificial intelligence, is playing a central role in translating the content into Japanese, and it is scheduled to be released as a book at a later date.

The online release was 'in order to make the translated book as good as possible, with the intention of having as many people as possible read the translated version and reflect their opinions and suggestions before the release.' ..

The table of contents looks like this. At the time of writing the article, ' Chapter 18 Confrontation with Partition Functions ' and ' Chapter 20 Deep Generative Model ' in 'Part III Deep Learning Research' are 'Preparing for publication', but at the file publication destination It was possible to read on one Scribd.

It is said that these files will no longer be published after the book is released.

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