Book scanning of university libraries by Google is appealed as legal


Offered by GoogleGoogle booksIn an attempt to make it possible to retrieve texts on-line by scanning books that are published by scanning them, it is an attempt to search the text online, and it is an authors guild that violates copyright laws from authors Guild, I am sued. This time, a senior trial where Authors Guild who filed a lawsuit on the grounds of copyright infringement over the scanning action of the library library of the university library appealed the judgment against Authors Guild appealed again, "Google's scanning behavior is legal" again It was judged.

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Google's university book scanning can move ahead without authors' OK | Ars Technica

Formed around the university library in the United StatesHathi Trust(Haiti Trust) is a project aimed at allowing books to be permanently stored and to digitize materials widely to people all over the world by scanning, digitizing and archiving their collections. Founded around the University of California in October 2008, Hathi Trust has expanded the scope of activities with the support of many universities and libraries that sympathize with high-level ideals,Keio University provides materialsThere is a trend to archive books such as doing it worldwide.

Like HathiTrust Google, who intends to make data searchable by searching books, cooperates with HathiTrust's book scanning, such as providing book data digitized in the Google books project to HathiTrust.

Authors Guild, author of authors who do not feel comfortable converting books into data without author's approval by Google and HathiTrust, not only appeals Google to scan books, but also about 7 million books data scanned by Google from HathiTrus I complained to the university libraries of the University of California, Cornell University, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Indiana University on the assumption that it registered copyright infringement, in October 2012, "The archive of books by HathiTrust isFair useIt is not a copyright infringement at the time of the judgment "was issued.

Following this ruling, Authors Guild appealed the Court of Appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and filed a trial. On June 10, 2014, the archival of books by HathiTrust was a fair use copyright In support of the federal district court ruling that it was not infringement, the lawsuit of Authors Guild was dismissed.

In the ruling, though it is certain that Hathi Trust's data conversion and publication of books will duplicate the full text of the book, "The validity of the purpose of preserving books through posterity by converting HathiTrust books into data And considering that it is reasonable to reduce the risk of disappearance due to disasters, there is no reason to acknowledge it as an excessive or unreasonable act in light of the purpose of protecting authors as permitted under the copyright law " It is judged that it is fair use and not illegal.

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